The Sunday Share – Why I Love Snapchat


Remember those days when Instagram used to be raw? I’m talking unedited, unscheduled pictures that were shared real time to give photo updates showcasing what we were doing at that exact moment in time. Oh how things have changed! Instagram has transformed over the years into a professional platform that displays the most gorgeous pictures of outfits, views, makeup and landscapes. Crisp photos, vivid colours, my feed is jam packed off images that would make Vouge envious. But where have the goofy pictures gone? Those raw photos where the lighting is off or our face isn’t front page worthy. All hail Snapchat!

Snapchat isn’t a new app, in fact I remember when it first broke onto the scene my friends and I would use it to share hideous photos of ourselves with our faces contorted into the most abstract positions. Popularity died down but then boom, celebrities caught on. Snapchat is back with a vengeance and I blooming well love it! A platform where those real time shares fill your feed. Want to see what someone is eating, where they are driving to, what their view is? Snapchat shares all those delights and honestly I’m hooked. I love the unedited feeling the app gives alongside the ability to get an insight into peoples lives around the world. The live section shares snaps from different countries or festivals, see what is happening during Singapore’s National Day, take a look at London from the eyes of hundreds of different people or escape to a festival on the other side of the world.

Yes it drains your battery and takes an age to load but it’s worth it. With hundreds of mini live vlogs waiting for you to enjoy you can watch hauls showcasing epic spending sprees or take part in Q&As, there is something for everyone. One of my fav snaps to watch? A sneaky spy on a celebs night out. Oh yes I follow the entire Geordie Shore cast on Snapchat (SO GOOD!) alongside my fav bloggers and vloggers. Backstage views, behind the scenes gossip, you really do get opened up to a whole world around you where you can take a peak at the lives of thousands of people.

Are you a fan of Snapchat? Who are your favourite people to watch? If you wanna join me come follow me overt @girlbeautyblog