The Sunday Share – Recuperation in 24 Hours

sunday share 24 hours

You’ve got 24 hours on the clock to recuperate – thats 24 individual yet blissful hours where you can write the wrongs from the week, catchup on lost sleep and attempt to feel human once more. But how do you utilise these precious minutes to ensure you awaken the next day feeling fully rested and fighting fit? I had this task yesterday, after 12 working days straight I booked in an entire day dedicated to me and rewarding myself after the long slog at the office. I had a number of tasks on my list that I wanted to accomplish, there was a new Ex on the Beach demanding my attention, bills that needed to be paid alongside a pair of jiggling thighs that were looking far too rested. Instead of taking things on the fly I structured out my day to ensure maximisation recuperation was achieved.

The Morning

This is the time to get all your admin done. Set that alarm, wake up and just get it all sorted. Honestly you will feel so much better one you know all those little niggles and stresses have been taken care of. Line up all those TV shows that have been waiting for your eager eyes to devour, get in a load of washing, spritz your room with some cleaning spray and tidy away that floordrobe before you sneak back under the duvet. Once all the life admin can be ticked off you know you have the rest of the day to kick back and relax.

The Afternoon

Now here is where I did something that shocked even my father, I went to a Psycle class. Yes I was the bleary eyed one at the back of the class but afterwards I felt pretty damn awesome. You see, after 3 weeks of OT meals, chocolate fingers and pastries I was feeling rotten. Sluggish was my current emoji and I knew that booking a class in would help kickstart my body into feeling more cleansed and healthy. Yes one class doesn’t write all the wrongs I’ve consumed but it’s a good place to start.

The Evening

As much as you may want to squeeze in some social plans and indulge in a cocktail with friends, take a night off to sleep. With all that life admin completed and a high intensity workout under your belt, you know the night ahead is just duvet, Netflix and calm. Post gym I had a long shower, popped on a hair mask alongside a revitalising face mask and followed up by dousing my skin in the Jo Malone Body Oil in Velvet Rose & Oud. This rich fragrance lifts away your worries whilst leaving your skin silky smooth. Light a candle, watch some reality TV and let your worries drift away. It was lights out, head on the pillow by 9.30pm and I arose to bags that didn’t make me look like I had been punched in the face. Win!