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home decoration
home decoration
home decoration
home decoration

Isn’t it funny how your style changes over the years. I know it’s all part of growing up, your taste evolves and those items you once adored suddenly get hidden at the back of the cupboard, but I find if fascinating to see how drastic this change can be. Over the past year my style has transformed the most. Once being a girl that would only gravitate towards colour, oh yes even my expensive handbags would be purchased in a pink or purple shade (don’t worry I still love them dearly!) I now find myself looking towards clean edges, monochrome colour palettes and a dare I say a chic-er design inspiration.

I put this all down to pinterest and the bloggers/vloggers I follow. Gone are the cutesy prints and shabby chic desires. Instead trends have moved towards a more Scandinavian/Nordic vibe which honestly I’m loving. It’s a welcome change and I’ve loved picking up a few key pieces that decorate a space without leaving it looking cluttered. After a quick dash into H&M Home yesterday I picked up two new items, this wooden tray and wire basket. Not only are they going to spruce up a blogpost photo expect to see them being feature a lot! they also give texture and dimension to an area.

At the moment these will be hidden away until called upon for a photoshoot session, the joys of still living out of one single room, but if I make it into my own space I think the tray would look perfect on a hallway table with the basket transferring into the bathroom to hold my Lush goodies. Have you found that your tastes have changed over the years? Does my desire to pin coffee tables on a Saturday night mean that I’m officially becoming an adult?! Stranger things have happened ;)

I’m also going to potentially be on the move soon! Packing up the old family home and setting off for a new adventure. I was thinking of doing a moving series of vlogs on my YT channel – let me know if this is something you would be interested in seeing :)

  • I am obsessed with the Scandinavian/Nordic style at the moment and I’m not even ashamed of that, everything looks so clean, simple and fresh that it makes me wish I had my own space to decorate the way I’d feel like! Of course Pinterest is the one responsible for that! I’d love to see your moving vlogs, I think it would be a great idea :) xx

    • There is something about the clean lines that looks so fresh like you said, really pretty in a space! Glad you’d like to see the moving vlogs will try and put them together :) xx

  • I think you read my mind with this post! I remember my days of batik and jewel tone crazies. Now it’s monochrome minimal momma.

  • I have a very similar style and I love it, so simple and minimal!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • I think I’ve changed my style as well but it’s more youthful now than when I was in my teens. A little crazy I know. Also I’ll be look forward to if you do the vlogs.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    • Thanks lovely – will try and put some videos together hopefully they don’t turn out too bad!xx

  • Bella

    A moving series would be lovely!!!! It’s natural to be into interiors when you’re due a new space to decorate. But then, even as a teen I went through phases of changing up my room decor.
    As a 40 something I can tell you now that style and taste is something that continues to evolve all your life. My single girl flat was decorated completely differently to our first home together as a couple and our family home for the past 7 years is about to get a makeover. It’s one of life’s joys to have the outside match your inside :).

    • Yay! Glad you like the idea of it :) Love knowing that style is something that continues to evolve love exploring new looks and styles as I get order and hopefully one day can decorate my own space!xx

  • Lauren

    I am very similar too, I often wear monochrome. I think I need to venture out a little now and wear a few more coloured items for a change.

    Lauren x

  • thisgirlloveschic

    beautiful post

    This Girl Loves Chic

  • I love the necklace in the first and second photos! Where is it from?


  • I’m definitely loving the minimalist nordic aspect of decorating these days! Everything always looks so clean and orderly (the challenge is keeping it that way right?) I absolutely love the tray! It’s minimal but brings warmth to the space.

    • Haha it really is! Not sure these items will look quite as lovely if I leave them to get dusty ;) xx

  • Monochrome is defiantly my life rule, so glad I’m not alone!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Love the wooden tray – I definitely need to get my butt to the home section of H&M.

  • I can totally relate. I used to be Cath Kidston mad (I still like it but just not as much). I have moved onto more of a retro 70’s vibe and spend most of my days lusting over anything gold, rose gold or wire products. xoxo