This Week I’ve Been… Ogling Doughnuts


Guys. The need for comfort food is so real right now. My whole stick to a good diet when you are going through a busy crunch period, treat your body like a temple yeah that totally isn’t working. Bring me the carbs! There is something about running on adrenaline that makes your mind act in strange and mystical ways, yes it keeps me alert when my body is about to crash but it also suggests sweet and sour chicken with a flapjack for lunch. Don’t judge me guys! I also have to admit to another rather interesting purchase, trying to put together a beach party fancy dress costume at 8.30am resulted in the online order of an inflatable flamingo. Not gonna lie, it arrived and it’s 4ft wide. Anyone want a giant flamingo to decorate their living room?!

This Week I’ve Been…

Getting my glow on – thanks to the sun beaming outside, however I am stuck inside, my holiday glow has completely disappeared. To get a hint of colour back into my pasty limbs I’m finally giving the Clarins bronzing duo a go. Will report back soon on how they fair up!

Wanting to eat nothing but doughnuts – something terrible but oh so wonderful happened by work. Crosstown doughnuts have moved in. With a selection of delectable doughnuts and even bite sized minis I am pretty sure that in four weeks time I will be a walking human doughnut

Sharing my first GRWM video – yesterday I uploaded something a little different over on my YouTube channel! It’s a get ready with me video that I filmed in Bournemouth with my friend whilst we were visiting for a friends wedding. Yes there may be no marble bathrooms but it captures a fun time between friends when you are getting ready for a evening full of dancing and bubbles :) If you want have a little watch you can find it here

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