This Week I’ve Been… #69


What’s this, a pre-scheduled Saturday post because I am off gallivanting around the coast enjoying a long weekend?! That’s right people I hotfooted my way, quite literally, down to Bournemouth on Thursday to go to a friends wedding in my old stomping ground. The perfect excuse to take a sneaky couple of days off work and make the most of a long weekend, boy was it needed! The weather has been at a record high in the capital and I’m relishing in the fact I skipped two stuffy days worth of tube travel. Not fun I can tell you that! Instead being by the coast gives you a chance to relax the mind, take a breather whilst recharging those worn out batteries.

This Week I’ve Been…

Breaking out the old with the new – I may have splurged on a ridiculously expensive makeup brush #oops I won’t go into too much detail now as it will be appearing in a post soon, however it has encouraged me to rediscover and pickup old favourite base that’s an utter beaut

Falling in love with posh houses – serious house goals going on over here. Before I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibition (have I told you yet how incredible it was?!) we popped for some lunch nearby in South Kensington. In that part of London the houses are simply gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to live on a street like that!?

Trying out a new brand – the other day this cute new brand landed on my doorstep from Bagsy Beauty. All made to fit and work in your handbag I’m excited to give them a try

Dreaming of wedding makeup – after my friends bridal makeup trial I haven’t been able to get wedding makeup out of my head! As I will be helping on the big day I’m tempted to put a little wedding series together here on my blog and YouTube channel. Would you guys like to see something like that?

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