Surviving Whilst Tired

surviving when tired

This 21st Century malarkey can be a bitch. Someone somewhere has firmly pushed their foot on the accelerator peddle and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. No matter the industry you work in, whether you are self employed or part of a company, everyone is being worked to the core. Time is against us and there officially isn’t enough hours in the day. So, when time becomes so precious and sleep pushes to the back of the priority list, how do you survive? They say your body is your temple but how do you keep up? I’ve found over the years that sticking to these key points helps me to feel human and fresh when my eye bags may be telling a completely different story.

Pamper Your Bed – when the hours dedicated to the act of sleep get cut in half, ensuring that time you are wrapped up under the duvet is as peaceful as possible becomes essential. I’m talking nice sheets, puffed up pillows and a sleep spray. Initially I thought these were just a pricey placebo effect however they really help to calm overactive minds so your drift off to the land of nod.

Makeup Comes Last sobit’s true. As much as I adore my relaxed morning routine of applying my makeup at my desk, it doesn’t happen when you are tired. Get a new muji box or makeup bag where you can store everyday essentials. Limiting down the choice makes the process quicker and easier in the morning. Yes you won’t win any awards for most adventurous makeup look but you will still feel human whilst being able to get out of the door in 5 minutes

Treat Yo Self – you’ve got to. Whether it’s a night in, some sneaky caramel dark chocolate or a binge session on Netflix, you need to be able to unwind at least once a week even if it’s just for a couple of blissful hours. No you won’t be up to date with Kim KW’s latest pregnancy outfit but it’s okay as you will have finally washed your hair so that greasy mess can be put behind you.

Be Selfish – whenever I get busy at work I put a lot of pressure on myself to keep up to date with my social calendar, exercise, blog etc. You just can’t and it has taken me a long time to accept that I’m human and can’t do it all. During stressful periods those good friends will give you the space you need and you can rely on them to be ready and waiting with a bottle of prosecco and a straw for you as soon as the delivery is over

Keep an Eye on Diet – during a time crunch it’s easy for a healthy diet to fly out the window, quick foods become the norm and although it may look tempting, when your body and mind is tired you need the nutrients from fresh food to keep you going. No one is a Nigella especially when half asleep but keeping up the fresh foods will help your body look after you whilst you battle with your eyelids to stay awake

Do you have any tips or tricks to survive a stressful period? How do you deal with a lack of sleep?

  • Dar

    I think my best tip is meditation – it sounds like utter nonsense but it really really works having just a few minutes to relax and reflect before hitting the pillows.

    Dar |

  • Great tips on surviving tiredness! Mine is always have a nice bath with some lavender oil it always relaxes me sol much.

  • Great tips! This month, sleep has essentially gone out the window. Works been insane, and trying to carve out “me time” at the end of the night has my bedtime pushing back later and later. One thing that helps me really cope with lack of sleep is a 10-15 minute meditation session with the “calm” app. Somehow that really boosts my energy, and helps balance the *lack* of sleep. Extra shot lattes definitely help matters too, of course.

    xoxo – Kelly

    • That’s a really good idea – I don’t think scrolling through snapchat gives the same levels of calm so it’s an app I really need to download and try out!xx

  • Treating yourself before bed just gets you into that relaxed mindset that helps sleep! I have a bad habit of trying to blog or reply to e-mails before bed, which I need to stop. x

    • I’m the same! Need to stop taking my laptop to bed!xx

      • Bella

        That would be my tip, no electronics in the bedroom. Then I go upstairs about 30-45 mins before I hope to sleep and do my evening skincare routine and read either a book or a magazine. Often if you’re on social media just before bed you get a message or see a post that keeps your mind busy all night long…

  • I sure need to do this more often I’ve been so stressed out lately! Gotta follow your tips ;) xx

    Sara |