This Week I’ve Been… #67


WAHOO THE WEEKEND IS HERE. Me. Exited? Calm down don’t be silly. Whenever I am fighting through a crunch period at work my entire weekly schedule gets thrown off track. Thursdays start feeling like Fridays which results in Fridays feeling like Mondays! Who wants that?! Luckily there was a bit of reprieve Thursday afternoon as I booked a half day to spend the afternoon bridesmaid dress shopping with two of my close friends and the mother of the bride. Don’t want to say toooooo much but it’s firm to say by the end of the day we were shattered! Who new dress shopping could be so exhausting?!

This Week I’ve Been…

Dreaming over palm trees – isn’t it amazing how much holiday chat you can get out of one trip away ;) You have the pre-planning before you jet off, the sunny snaps whilst you are away followed by the holiday blues where you reminisce about how brilliant that week was. One day I’ll stop but so far I’m still dreaming of palm trees!

Making tough lipstick decisions – when you purchase a lotta new lipsticks it then makes it very difficult each morning to decide which one to wear! Do I fancy rocking a bold option? What about a soft nude? Do I put a gloss on top?! Tough decisions people tough decisions

Drooling over steak – I’ve mentioned before that I used to hate red meat. That’s right no steak, no lamb, I just didn’t like the flavour or consistency of these darker coloured meats. Well, that was until I had my first proper steak where it’s safe to say everything changed! I’m now hooked and love try out new places with my new favourite being MASH

Picking up a new polish – changing of the seasons gives me a prime opportunity to switch up my nail choices. Fancy a bolder bright? Embracing the neons? I am returning back to my love of minty greens with this new release from Essie called Blossom Dandy. It is a beaut!

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