This Week I’ve Been… #65


Let’s all take a moment. Sit back, breathe deep and relish in the fact it’s Saturday. Long live the weekend! As I mentioned yesterday the first week back post holiday has been full on. Long days, buckets full of meetings and a sprinkle of interviews to keep me on my toes. I’ve gone back into auto pilot when it comes to my wardrobe and makeup, anything to get me up and out the house quickly. Think I need to have a serious word with the industry to slow down so us beauty junkies have more time to test out contour palettes, priorities people! FYI my Instagram this week has been a bit of a holiday throwback but Soz. I just would rather be looking at sunsets and sand instead of the tube ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

Dreaming over Charlotte Tilbury – the counter for CT in Nordstorms the Grove is something only dreams are made of. Open space, a huge display and everything you could ever want to try and test out. The inviting setup may have resulted in a rather large purchase, take a look at what I picked up here

Fixing up my brows – there is only one place to get your brows done and that is Blink Brow Bar. Situated in a number of stores across the UK, although their menu reads some pretty high prices, once you’ve been you will see how it’s worth every penny

Tanning in the shower?! – in a bid to keep my post holiday glow alive I’ve been looking into those glow getters that give the desirable hint of colour. St Tropez have recently launched a in shower tanner (I know whaaaaat!) and I’ve been putting it to the test. Review to come soon!

Remembering waffles – the last breakfast before boarding the plane. Doesn’t this look utterly beautiful! A final indulgent moment with hazelnut waffles that were so good I didn’t want to get on the plane

Wishing I was eating salads by the pool again – the food service by the pool in the Hyatt Regency was fantastic. Great options, not extortionately priced, my fav was this caesar salad that I added avocado too as, ya know, it’s the best!

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  • I’m really intrigued by the in shower tanner – it’s definitely going to be something i’ll have to try out! I definitely agree with the CT counter at the Grove too, it definitely enabled me to buy a bit more than I should have done when I was last over there.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    • The counter is just so gorgeous! I wasn’t expecting so much beautiful makeup everywhere haha! Will report back on the shower tanner xx

  • The in shower tanners sounds so dreamy and perfect for someone as lazy as me!

  • Dani

    I’m looking forward to the in-shower tanner review! I normally don’t care about my pasty white skin, but I’m in a wedding this year so I’ve been reading a lot of self-tanner reviews. I love the idea of this one since you rinse it off in the shower almost right away!

  • Haha I’m lucky that we don’t have a CT counter cause that would be dangerous. I love her line and I already own a lot of it and that’s just from ordering online :))

  • A shower self-tanner? Woah! Intriguing… :-)