The Sunday Share #67 Reflections

question a day
question a day
question a day
question a day
question a day

How do you have control of life? You know that unknown thing that tends to twist and turn without any rhyme or reason no matter what boundaries you think you’ve put in place. How do you take command and ensure that you are in the drivers seat? I’ve touched briefly over the past couple of weeks on the fact I’ve felt overwhelmed with day to day life. Time is quite simply flying past at a speed of knots and I really hope I’m not the only one struggling to keep up. With months passing by like days it can be easy to feel like the next five years are going to zip by in a blink.

Then I start to worry. Is that enough time to take a leap and setup in a new country? Will you find your soulmate and be blissfully married by the time that fifth New Year roles around? I put a lot of pressure on myself to make everyday count that I actually end up forgetting what I’ve achieved. Next year marks 10 years since I went to University. That means in the space of five years I got my degree and my masters. Since graduating the next five years were spent moving along the career ladder and finally landing that dream job. A lot can happen in a short space of time but with time moving so quickly it’s easy to loose sight of that.

To help focus my mind and remind myself of where I’ve come, I’ve committed to the Q&A A Day diary. Received at Christmas, this book asks you a question a day that you answer over the course of five years. Not only does this give you a moment of reflection each day, if you commit, after the first year you can compare how you felt one to five years previously. Some of the questions verge on the more frivolous side however others get you thinking about your hopes and goals. Considering we are half way through the year I’ve loved popping my thoughts down each day and can’t wait to see how they compare to the next five years. Let’s not forget all those mini milestones we achieve as they all add up to make us incredible people.

  • What a nice diary, it has such a cool retro vibe… :-) I love how this diary kind of ‘forces’ you to reflect and think about stuff.

    • It really does – can’t wait to look back in five years time and see how things have changed!xx

  • alicekatex


    alicekatex ♥

  • I bought this for my sister a couple of years back and she never uses it, i might buy my own, its such a good idea =]

    • Thats a shame! It can be easy to forget about but a great memory to keep when you stick to it daily xx

  • 10 years since you went to uni?!!! Whaaaaaat? I thought you were younger than me! (I’m 24). You are looking GOOD. Jeez. Seriously I genuinely thought you were like 21. I think I may have landed my dream job yesterday and it really hasn’t sunk in yet at all. I was in a bit of a rut and now suddenly it’s all ok again. Weird how life can change so fast.

    • You thought I was 21?! This has literally made my day (okay my year!!) 10 years since I packed up my bags and headed to Uni feels like a lifetime ago! Like changes in an instant, when you hear that news you know, everything is different. So exciting that you’ve found you dream job though! Massive congrats :) xx

  • This is such a wonderful little book. My mom bought me the ‘One Line a Day’ journal which is very similar to this just under a year ago where you fill in a line that summarises your day. I love it because I’m way too lazy to do a proper journal but i still love looking back on my days!

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    • I agree diary are hard to maintain but books like these give you a great way to be able to look back over the years xx