The Sunday Share #66 Feeling Fresh

hair cut
hair cut
hair cut

After yesterdays post where I shared the feeling of being overwhelmed, I booked myself a last minute hair appointment to tidy up the ends and ensure I had some time to sit, relax and breathe. I headed back to my local salon Robert Neil with my fav stylist Maria who is able to work hair wizardry and re-inject that lost confidence.

When you are busy and the hours at work become long, important things like a healthy diet and exercise fly right out the window. By the time you get to that point hair cuts, brow threading and manicures are a thing of the past and although I’ve three weeks back from holiday where all the zen times happened, being thrown back into a hectic daily routine can quickly make you feel out of whack.

I didn’t get anything overly different done to my tresses, smartened up the length whilst keeping as much blonde as possible, in and out in less than an hour yet feeling a 100% times better on the inside. During those times when it all feels a bit too much it’s important to take an hour, get a hair cut, go for a manicure, book in something that will help you feel a tad more ‘normal’ before Monday morning rolls around and it all flies out the window again.

  • Your hair looks lovely. I really want to try a different cut but can’t find anything i like x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    • I think I’m hooked on the short styles now! As soon as it starts to get long I just have to get it cut off again!xx

  • Manicure and pedicure relax me a lot and I try to do them at least once a month. Your hair looks refreshed and really nice :) I can’t do much with my hair cause it’s curly so I keep it at a length that I can easily manage.

    • It’s nice to have that thing you can book and you know will be a chance for you to relax and take some time out from the busy world!xx

  • Beautiful makeup – that eyeshadow is seriously stunning! I’m really loving your smart yet chic hair cut too.

  • I love the cut and colour, so pretty!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Enter my £180+ Summer Giveaway here

  • You are looking great! I love the bronze eye look ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  • Bella

    This is a great look on you! I love your hair and you’re right: I’m about to book myself in for a full “service”: hair colour, facial and pedicure, heehee!! Hope this week goes a bit easy on you!

  • Looks amazing, I really love your hair color and this length suits you perfectly!
    Glad your salon sesh was the pick-me-up you needed :) x | bloglovin’

    • Thanks lovely – it’s nice to be able to take some time out to help you feel more human!xx

  • Holly Olivia

    Your hair looks lovely and I love your eyeshadow!

  • Crazy how a simple trim or hair cut can make you feel ten times better. I’m booked in for tomorrow and can’t wait.

    • I know right! And it doesn’t even take a lot of time but just makes you feel so much more human xx

  • Aw this was a nice post, and I think your hair’s lovely x

  • Kelly glen

    Your hair looks lovely. It’s amazing how much better a new look can make us feel.
    Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a lot of difference.