Everyday Makeup Routine

everyday makeup

Picture this – you’ve just emptied your entire bank balance throughout the halls of Sephora and Ulta, and you come home to find out that said shopping trip resulted in an entirely new everyday makeup routine. Yes I bought that much and yes I am justifying it by making a video out of it ;) A haul just simply wasn’t enough!

Taking the opportunity to show you these gorgeous new purchases in action I thought I would cobble together an Everyday Makeup Routine video over on my YouTube Channel. Warning, this does involve about a minute of my naked face on camera (you have permission to look away!) and bare in mind it’s my first go filming one of these YouTuber classics. I actually really enjoyed it and hopefully the music doesn’t become toooo annoying by the end!

Would love to know what you thought, whether you are loving any of these products as well and make sure you subscribe to my channel as next week it looking to be a pretty massive Boots haul (I know, more shopping!)