California Vlog: Santa Monica

santa monica vlog

Now I’m sitting in-between the 8 to 10 video mark (I know right, congrats to those of you still here) I thought I would branch out into the world of vlogging. Shocker right? Hold the phone, say whhhhaaaatt, shiz is getting serious over here. You may have noticed I took a little holiday a couple of weeks back (oh yes, I’m still talking about that!) Well whilst I was enjoying this joyous vacation I decided to whip a little camera out and film a few montage shots.

Disclaimer – you will not see my face in this (to be fair thats probs for the best), instead this is a joyous edited together selection of clips documenting our momentous trip. Bare in mind this is my first time walking the streets with a camera so you will spot a slight issue of wobble arm soz but hopefully it’s not too distracting and you still enjoy!

  • Fabulous vlog! I move to Cali in September so this post made me so excited <3

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