This Week I’ve Been… #64


I should rename today’s post to ‘the holiday blues’ as that is me currently. Why must holidays come to end aye? They are so wonderful, surely there is a way to make them live on for longer? Waking up to my morning alarm on Thursday was near on impossible, the fact that my over active mind kept me awake from 2am didn’t help matters but to follow that up with a packed tube journey, no thanks! Also does anyone else forget how to get ready for work after a holiday? I literally stood in my room wondering about the bus and what time I used to leave. Knew I shoulda just gone back to bed ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

Dreaming over pools – whilst away we were spoilt with the gorgeous choice of pools we had around us. In Huntington Beach our little space looked out over the ocean and was so blissful and quiet in the morning it was a gorgeous place to be

Talking about shopping – the hauls to end all hauls happened and is now live on my YouTube channel. Head over to see all the ridiculous shopping I did! Link here

Lusting after sunsets – the sunsets in California are something else. Such blissful views with warm rich colours that catch on the ocean. On our last night we walked out on Huntington Beach pier to take in the views and it was simply beautiful!

Trying out a new makeup menu – buying all the makeup means I get to try all the makeup! Giving my new purchases a go I’ve been mixing up the daily beauty bits I usually gravitate towards and testing out a few new items. So far, I am impressed!

Giving a new burger joint a whirl – I did it, I finally went to In n Out and I even ordered off their secret not so secret menu! It was good (actually prefer the chips at Five Guys soz) but oh boy are their milkshakes heavenly

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