This Week I’ve Been… #62


Today is flying day! Watch out LAX because here I come with one mahoosive shopping list! Bring on the sunshine, pancakes, palm trees and Sephoras ;) For the first time I’m not fully in holiday mode, maybe it’s the busy job or the fact I’m getting older! Or it’s due to the fact that I’ve manged to pick up a bit of a head cold thats left me feeling less than 100%. Thanks body! My room has turned into a massive floordrobe trying to work out what to pack. Every year I struggle to find enough tops to take away whereas for once I seem to be in top city! First world problems aye.

This Week I’ve Been…

Packing everything in sight – over the years I have become a more successful packer, able to pick out the items I know I will wear or use. However each time it comes to putting said items in the suitcase I always find myself stuck in limbo, how soon is too soon? The night before, three days before, the day you fly?! Oh yes these are the conversations I have with myself whilst packing!

Organising the makeup – for some reason I managed to bypass the fact Muji stocked the illusive draw units in a smaller size. Perfect for lipsticks, everyday essentials or just as an excuse to buy more storage and reorganise your stash. Smaller unit – welcome to the family

Swooning over meringues – something about a shop window sporting a tier of white and fluffy meringues reduces me to a memorised state outside. Nestled in Knightsbridge this cute little cafe was stocked up on all the treats, so hard to resist!

Heading to the motherland – whenever you see that Space NK shop branding up ahead you know you are in for a good time. With inviting window displays, gorgeous counters and knowledgable sales assistants, it’s no surprise I always manage to drop some pennies when visiting here

Getting my Psycle on – I have become pretty hooked with the new fitness crazy Psycle. A form of spinning but set to music and involving a session with weights (oh yes your arms get a workout too), I’ve been loving the atmospheres and playlists to kick me back into that exercise routine

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