This Week I’ve Been… #60


Bank holiday weekend – you are a beautiful beautiful beast. Although I’ve got three blissful days ahead of me I find myself writing todays post whilst suffering with the tell tale puffy eyes of a night of crying. Why am I admitting this rather shameful state of affairs? Just ask Shonda Rhimes. She managed to grab my heart with her hands, rip it out, kick it around before stuffing it back in. Oh yes, for those fellow Greys Anatomy fans you know exactly what I am talking about. Emotions are running high here people! Apart from being too attached to a fictional television show I am spending this long weekend getting ahead on my packing. Two weeks till holiday time. I swear I owned some summer clothes somewhere…

This Week I’ve Been…

Sharing my go to makeup look – bronzed lids, pinky cheeks, lashings of mascara paired with a nude lip. This is the look I’ve been rocking day in and day out and I’m even starting to see a dent in my much loved Hourglass blusher!

Pondering over lip choices – trying to pick which lippy to pop on can be a tough choice, esp when so many pretty shades are staring back at you! Decisions decisions ;)

Taking care of my orchid – with Spring comes a new love for flowers and my orchid has been filling my room with that beautiful fresh scent. My mission now is to not kill it before the Summer is out!

Reliving a red lip – although my fav bold lip to don is sits in the purple/berry spectrum, on the odd occasion I do like to commit to a red lip. Not only does it help to make an outfit look more evening appropriate, a red lip always makes me feel that bit more Parisian!

Falling in love with the John Lewis window – Spring brings a whole host of gorgeous shop windows bursting with picnique goodies and bright homewear decor. I walked past this John Lewis window the other day and seriously debated how to buy everything in it

Wishing the sun was still shining – the weather has become a bit more gloomy recently in the UK *sad face* so to help encourage it to pop up again I shared a picture from a couple of weekends ago by the river. Come on sunshine, you know you want to come out to play!

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  • Hehehe I know your pain about how difficult it is to choose the day’s lipstick ;x

    And orchids are gorgeous. Mine looks a bit iffy now. Not sure if it needs some fertilizer after blooming…

  • Dar

    That lipstick drawer! *swoon*
    I love spring – fresh flowers everywhere just makes me so happy.

    Dar |

  • How do you choose a lip colour from all of those? So many choices =]

  • Yeah, it has been feeling more like fall than spring here too this week, boo :-( Wishing you a happy Sunday!

  • I really need to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy – I’m surprised I’ve managed to miss any spoilers yet!! I always have such trouble trying to decide on what lip product to wear – my friend was asking if I ever get round to using the mass that I have :P

    Kate xo //