Video: 50 Random Facts About Me!


It’s new video time! This week I’m biting the bullet and putting my next live action instalment into the sphere of the internet nice and early – 7am people! Just early enough for you to be still bleery eyed from the night before whilst wondering what I’m doing in front of a camera babbling away ;) For this weeks video I’m sticking with the ‘lets get to know each other’ theme and am sharing 50 random facts about me.

Pop over here to see the video. It is surprising hard to come up with 50 random facts but hopefully there is a good mix of random facts thrown in with some of the more usual answers! If you have any requests what I should film next let me  know but lets role the video :)

  • Kelly glen

    Yes another great video from you, great to learn such odd random facts, you had me laughing all the way through and especially your singing at the end. Please please keep these videos coming.

  • yayyy ! I also on youtube ! I never want to do this vid topic coz it seems hard to me even to get 15.hehe . congrats for being able to list all 50 !:D

  • Rebecca Jackson

    Loved that video, i couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Woo new vid for me to watch =]

  • Kerm

    Very funny video, haha! And pump is the best :P