This Week I’ve Been… #58


Well hello sunshine! Haven’t you been mighty glorious this week ;) With the heat starting to warm up the capital there has been the first iced lolly of the year followed by those longing looks out the window once you return back from your lunch break. Officially the last week before I start my new role (nerves alert) the occasion was marked by a massive 72 person ping pong tournament at BOUNCE last night. Needless to say my voice is gone, but everyone had an awesome night including singing out hearts out on the karaoke machine until the venue closed. #Partyanimal

This Week I’ve Been…

Trying out whats new at Superdrug – with a revamped points system in place I hot footed my way down to the high street beauty mecca to try out some new beauty bits. FYI the new Bourjois Aqua Lips is fab!

Falling in love with a new vanity table – how utterly gorgeous is this vanity table?! I stumbled across this one afternoon in John Lewis and I am now counting down the days until this can be mine. The chair is included…right?!

Devouring granola – there is nothing I like more than a bowl full of fresh fruits, chopped up banana and a sprinkling of granola to get your day started on the right foot. Not only is it truly scrumptious, it makes a good picture as well ;)

Going simple with my makeup – keeping my choices more stripped back and eu natural I’ve been giving some love to those products I haven’t reached for in a while. Getting that glowing base which sticks around during those warmer days

Giving YouTube a try – yes you read that right I have officially uploaded and shared my very first video! It’s a bit rough around the edges but swing by and take a look here :)

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  • Love your vanity table & also now subscribed to your youtube channel – love the WIMB vid! x

  • It’s been a while since I’ve had a good look at what’s new in the drugstore. I need to rectify this, immediately!…And yes, granola is life!

    xoxo – Kelly

  • Oh my gosh your new vanity is so gorgeous!! I literally would love this in my office. We have a lot of mid century furniture so would go perfect. Can’t wait for you to post some pics of it!! xo

  • I also joined YouTube recently :-) People kept asking me for videos but I was always too scared to do it. But then I just said to myself what the h*ll, just suck it up and DO it, woman! :-)

  • Congrats on the first YouTube video! x


    Loved the video!