This Week I’ve Been… #57


Is it just me or do four days weeks seem so much harder compared to normal weeks? You never seem to get into the groove of thing thanks to the missing traditional Monday, instead you are thrusted into all the tasks and mundane chores outside of your normal routine and you never quite manage to get stuff done. I also find myself inadvertently thinking back to the day before when I wasn’t awoken rudely by an alarm, remember how blissful that was? If only it was that day again. Although the last weekend was as long as the week I’m super glad Saturday is back with us – don’t tell anyone but I’m already counting down until the next bank holiday!

This Week I’ve Been…

Injecting some green into my life – when it comes to the latest fad your mind is inclined to think of fashion, makeup, design, however plants don’t often fall into this remit. That being said 2015 seems to be the year of the succulent! With these low maintenance plants providing a green hit to a space, their attractive yet simple look is proving to be quite the hit. So much so even I’ve jumped on the succulent bandwagon.

Falling in love with a new show – the other weekend when I was spending some R&R time on Netfelix I decided to dive head first in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. After seeing this design on Twitter (apologise I have no memory of where it came from!) I have already printed it off and stuck it up in my office to remind me of the laughters Titus Andromedon brings. Pinot Noir anyone?

Spending that dollar – I am going through a ‘buy everything in sight’ phase and this involves over indulging in some leather goods in Anya Hindmarch. Blame my new role at work, a sudden need for something shiny or the fact I lost my senses and handed over my wallet at a very very week moment ;)

Putting makeup on, shock – switching up my makeup for Spring and embracing the lightweight yet golden tones of my collection helps to impart that glow into my lacklustre complexion. Did someone say contour with a pop of blusher? Don’t mind if I do!

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  • Dee

    Oooh, sounds like a fab week especially with the peek of Anya Hindmarch that I see there! haha! I’m adding a bit of green to my life as well except mine is more with food rather than fashion and beauty ;) xx

    Dee | Prompts by Dee

  • Sounds like a great week! I really need to start injecting some more greens into my diet now that the easter chocolate eating period has ended :P

    Kate xo //

  • I neeeed to watch Kimmy Schmidt! Lots of people who make me laugh are saying it makes them laugh so I feel it is my kind of thing. And I lurve your succulent – I bought one last week and I cannot stop staring at it, it is so beautiful! <3

    • They are so simple yet so pretty! I can’t stop looking at mine as well ahah! Who knew succulents could be so interesting :P xx