The Sunday Share #57 Beauty Sins I Commit

beauty sins

Although, throughout the years of writing this blog, I chime on about those beauty dos and don’ts, key things that everyone should stick to and vow to follow, it’s time to be honest. The majority of the time what I should do flies straight out the window in favour of comfort or sometimes sheer laziness #soz. Today I thought I would throw my hands up like I just don’t care and admit all those beauty crimes and sins that I commit. At the end of the day we are only human – no one can be perfect all the time right? ;)

  • I hardly ever wash my brushes on a weekly basis, it’s more like every…three!
  • I never moisturiser or clean my skin in upwards motions – I know it will help me to look youthful but it just never quite manages to happen
  • Taking my makeup off when I walk through the door is a struggle. I did this back in January but somehow this good habit has faltered
  • I keep beauty products for longer than I should. What can I say, some are just too pretty to throw away!
  • I rub at my eyes. A lot
  • I also touch my face. A lot
  • I sleep on my hands at night – don’t ask why but it always happens and causes my face to go all red and wrinkly in the morning
  • Keeping concealers hygienic is impossible. Are they ever clean? I honestly have no idea
  • Haircuts do not happen as often as they should, but then, whenever do they?
  • Heat protection spray may also not get used as much as it should

What are the beauty sin that you commit? Do you fall down at any of these hurdles?

  • I also dont wash my brushes weekly usually every 2-3! x

  • Oh god I wash my brushes even less, it’s the most boring laborious task!
    xxx Claire

  • I’m good with regular brush cleaning but my makeup usually stays on til around 9 or 10 when I shower and get in pjs. By the time my son is bed and dinner is tidied away its usally about 9 or 10 when I get to wind down and relax.

    • Even though I don’t still need to be wearing makeup I can never seem to take it off until I’m about to go to sleep!xx

  • Emily TheladyandtheBlog

    I’m pretty bad with the heat protection spray, but then i dont use heat on my hair too much. I also used to touch my face all the time- its somehow feels really comforting?! Xx

  • Paulaena Franco

    Rubbing my eyes is something I do way too much of. It’s just so satisfying!

    Tweezers and Tongs

    • I also get quite itchy eyes as well – they are going to look terrible when I’m older!xx

      • Paulaena Franco

        My optometrist recently told me that the more you scratch your eyes, the itchier they get (if it’s due to allergies). I’ve taken to anti-histamine eye drops!

  • I never wash my brushes too, it’s so awful but I never find the time! x

    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I touch my face a lot too & never wash my brushes on a weekly basis. Such bat habits I know. I am terrible at keeping products longer than I should too, It feels like such a waste & can never bring myself to do it

    • I am exactly the same! Why do I want to throw away that beautiful blusher that isn’t really used yeeet I’ve owned for a long time ;) xx

  • Dar

    I’m pretty much guilty of every one on the list but taking makeup off when I get home – it’s the first thing I rush off to do when I get home (because I like using the Oskia cleanser that much!).

    Dar |

  • Blee

    Ha I have a million brushes for the sole reason that I only have to wash them like every 4 months or so……if even..
    My hands always seem to live on my face.
    I never use heat protector and my hair is only ever cut maybe once/twice a year.
    I NEVER take my make up off as soon as i get home. That’s a bed time job.

    I feel so dirty but it’s been working for me :P

  • Lucy

    I am guilty of basically all of these, especially keeping products longer than I should. I find it worryingly hard to throw away makeup items, they are too pretty!

    Lucy | Ooh La Luce

  • I too am rubbish at cleaning my brushes, once a week never seems to happen however much I intend to wash them every week.

    Kristy |

  • I’m guilty of most of the above, but sleeping on my hands? I haven’t done that before, haha. Whatever is most comfortable right?

    X Alice

    • I haven’t always done it – no idea why is started but I cant seem to drift off until my hand is under my face!xx

  • Karii Zenteno

    I also touch my face and hair a lot! I find cream/gel heat protection to be way better than spray! x

  • Esha Rajesh

    I literally thought that I was the only one who rubs my eyes. Do you ever get itchy inner corner? loool xx

    • Yes so much! I am forever rubbing them esp when I forget that I’ve got makeup on haha xx

      • Esha Rajesh

        ooohhhh! Panda eyes!! :D xx

  • We commit quite a few of the same sins :s I love rubbing my eyes and pulling off my mascara…… I know its awful but so relaxing haha xo

  • Levinia

    I think I commit / have committed pretty much all of these! Oops.. x

  • I do all of these ahaha I had my first haircut in three years last week >.<

  • i do all of these! (except sleeping on my hands) I just can’t help but rub my eyes when I’m tired, normally resulting in mascara smudges all over my face.

  • Oh my!! I can’t even count all my beauty sins.. so many! Haircuts are not for sure when its needed and I definitely touch my face all the time… no wonder the spots right.. Humans aren’t we all? haha xx

    Mary Bloomy

  • I feel you on the haircut one! I don’t know why I wait so long when it always feels sooo good to get a trim… I think I’ll just have to treat myself more often ;)
    Steph | Misc. Bliss