This Week I’ve Been… #54


What a week! After feeling like the sunshine was making the world a better place, these past five days I’ve noticed a visible switch, it’s as if the misery of January was back to stay! Not sure whether a memo was distributed encouraging everyone to find a problem with everything but it’s been a hard old slog. With days like these you just have to brush them off otherwise you will find yourself worrying all night over something you ultimately have no control over. Instead I headed out for dinner and many bubbles with friends to see in a much needed weekend.

This Week I’ve Been…

Embracing natural makeup – some days you just want to rock a stripped back simple makeup look. This has been me recently and after becoming a fan of curling my hair those loose second day curls give a bit of relaxed movement to complement that soft makeup look

Placing sneaky orders – it wasn’t me I promise ;) Needing to repurchase a skincare favourite *cough* Oskia *cough* I also managed to add a mask into the mix and boy am I glad I did. Read all about my ravs for this brand here

Indulging in a mothers day treat – to celebrate mothers day this year we headed off to the Kings Road to partake in a spot of shopping and a delicious lunch at Comptoir Libanais. Nothing like a girly weekends day!

Debating over makeup – one of my posts from the past week included ‘how much is too much makeup?’ Preferring a more streamlined look has also resulted in me feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff around me. Will there ever be too much?

Wishing steak was on every menu – four years ago I would have declared my dislike for red meat and steak. I know, who did I think I was!? Luckily I grew up (fast) and since then it’s been my favourite meal to try and discover at different restaurants. It’s just so darn good!

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