Rossano Ferretti

rossana ferrettirossano ferretti hair cut
rossano ferretti hair cut
rossano ferretti hair cut

Holy moly something pretty incredible happened to my hair on Saturday. I ventured across to Green Park, hunted down the gorgeous Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa and had the best hair cut in my entire life. No joke. All thanks to Alessandro Calvio aka one of the best cuts in the UK according to Tatler. What makes Alessandro so special (and all stylists that you will find in the Rossano Ferretti family) is something they like to call ‘the method’. Created by Rossana himself alongside his sister Lorenza, this new concept in cutting revolves around the natural fall of the the persons hair. Traditional horizontal cutting is never seen here, instead the hair is held and cut vertically to follow the type and natural style.

Instead of your desired style being achieved by how you blow dry your hair or what styling products you use, ‘the method’ places the focus on the cut itself. Being able to add or subtract volume from within means that everything else becomes secondary – your hair now holds the key to the style you want. Watching Alessandro work was pretty special, his delicate and mastered approach doesn’t happen quickly (well over an hour just for the cut alone) but that being said, the results speak for themselves. Naturally my hair now holds volume, lift and shape without the need of a dozen different sprays and fixers. The style is built from within and honestly my hair has never looked so effortless.

Alongside getting the best cut in London you will also experience a divine salon that is housed in an old wine cellar. With individual rooms, dim lights and a pretty impressive door that I may have struggled to open, the entire experience is luxury personified. Each station feels private, you aren’t surrounded by other stylists of clients buzzing around and you really feel like you’ve been whisked away to a tranquil hair haven where you can relax knowing your hair is in the skilled hands of the stylists. I am loving the shorter style and how my hair now works for me as opposed to against. Watchout Rossano Ferretti and Alessandro – I’ll be back!

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  • ninegrandstudent

    This sounds great – I’ve had a real problem trying to get hairdressers to cut my (thick and wavy) hair in the way I want. They all want to use thinning scissors, which is a total no-no for me! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • This salon will be perfect for you! The only place I’ve been that understands all hair types :) xx

  • Nice! I love the concept and that’s what a haircut should be about! It looks lovely on you!