This Week I’ve Been… #51


Broken record alert – this week has legit whizzed past my eyes in the space of a heartbeat. No idea why, part of me thinks it’s a set up as next week I have a feeling the days are going to drag by second by second. With March on our horizon (I know right!) the countdown is firmly on until the next bank holiday and some much needed time off work. Not just that – lent will be over and chocolate will be back in my life ;) Priorities! The longer nights are really starting to shine out across the capital and I can almost feel the time when I will be able to leave the office and it’s light outside. Bring on the sunshine! Fingers and toes crossed for sunshine…

This Week I’ve Been…

Discovering what’s new at Pixi Beauty – first there was the Glow Tonic and now there is the Glow Mist. A hydrating mist that understands how to dispense a fine mist. All I have to say so far is – WOW

Stealing style inspiration – how does Molly from the Saturdays always manage to look so effortless and chic?! Stylist or no stylist I’m officially on the hunt for a white shirt and jumper combo ;)

Embracing leopard print Fridays – it’s the end of the week, you made it, what better way to celebrate then a pop of leopard print! It’s all about snazzy Fridays!

Taking home a Kate Spade beauty – last weekend I popped by the almighty Bicester Village. May have not left empty handed but more will be revealed soon :)

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