This Week I’ve Been… #50


It’s selfie overload week! After doing my back in yet again #timetogetanewmattress I’ve spent the majority of the week hobbling around and feeling sorry for myself. You forgot how a constant dull pain can be so distracting, days have been spent thinking back to when I could jump down the stairs without a worry in the world. Thanks to the fact I’ve been walking around Soho like I’ve pooed myself (promise I haven’t) my once packed weekend full of plans have become slightly more empty. Oh whats that? Stay in bed recovering whilst watching Netflix? It was like this was meant to be ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

Rocking my favourite dark purple lip – Topshop Get me Bodied you are truly a beaut and yes whenever I wear it I turn that little bit more into Beyonce as this lipstick colour gives me some serious swag

Finding Chloe hiding in a handbag – is it standard for all cats to find crazy hiding places? This week Chloe spotted a handbag hanging on the side of a bed – perfect spot for a snooze right? Bless her

Enjoying brunch with views like this over London – considering I’ve lived in London all of my life I don’t think I will ever grow tired of this wonderful city. Full of new adventures and exciting opportunities it truly is magical

Donning lashes for a Saturday night – a red lip, dark smokey eye and lashes must mean a Saturday night out on the town! Although it wasn’t a crazy one (hello getting older) it was great to spend the evening with a friend. Besides – perfect excuse to get dolled up!

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