This Week I’ve Been… #47


Holy moly it is officially February tomorrow. FEBRUARY! Oh yes 31 days have whizzed past and the New Year is a distant memory. What has life become? Apart from obsessing over the speed that life continues to pass us by I’ve managed to shake things up a bit this week by…oh wait…no I haven’t…yup I’ve still spent all week in the office #win. I did however manage to escape last night to meet a couple of old school friends for dinner and drinks. Dry January I hear you say? Don’t be silly it’s basically February already ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

Turning my hair to silk – this Sachajuan Intensive Repair Conditioner landed on my doorstep this week and boy is it a goodun. After a single use my hair was transformed to a soft and silky texture banishing those dry ends and taming those pesky flyaways

Donning dark lipstick and sparkly dress – for a friends birthday it’s the perfect excuse to bust out a sparkly dress and pair it with a super dark lip. Yes the berry shade may have only lasted till I stepped out the house but it was worth it all the same!

Planning a trip away – the best way I’ve found to beat the January blues is to book a holiday! Something to look forward to, pop in the calendar and give you the promise of sunshine when the UK weather remains cold and gloomy. It also gives me an excuse to return to one of my favourite restaurants ;)

Watching an adorable fluff ball snooze – oh isn’t she the cutest! Chloe has developed a new sleeping habit where she likes to rest up against a number of cushions, her little support network! Once snuggled up she snoozes off a happy and content little ball of fluff

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