The Sunday Share #44

makeup clearout
makeup clearout

Although Spring is the time people associate with a big clear out and wardrobe reorganisation, I also like to have a big overhaul come the New Year. Over Winter I seem to accumulate all the things that end up scattered around my room collecting dust even though they rarely get used. Thanks to the lack of sunshine, all you want to do on those grey and dull days is snuggle up under a duvet as opposed to scraping back your curtains, opening up a window and cleaning the day away.

Last weekend I embraced the sunshine and vowed to go through everything. Makeup, clothes, shoes, bags the works. If I hadn’t worn it in the last six months (or year!) then it was going to the charity shop. I was ruthless, now isn’t the time to get sentimental over that dress you wore six years ago at Uni, you have the pictures so bin the garment. I also went through all my makeup, taking it all out of my desk and sorting through what I use, what is out of season and what can be given away.

When the draws are empty this is the perfect time to grab a cleaning wipe, it’s incredible how much dust and dirt can build up over the months. Reorganise your stash to a method that works for you and say goodbye to those dried out shadows thats new home needs to be the bin. I also spray old powders with a bacterial spray to ensure any gunk is banished. After a massive overhaul I really refreshed, ready for the month ahead and I can finally breathe in my room without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things surrounding me.

Do you often have a New Year clear out? What are your tips to keep a space neat and tidy?

  • Annie

    Great post! When I have items that i’m unsure whether to get rid of or not I put them into a bag and if I don’t go in the bag in 6months charity shop it goes!!!


    • Thanks lovely! That’s such a good idea – think I will do that with some of the random things I’m holding on to!xx

  • Danielle Mac

    Great post for clearing in the new year

    Danielle Mac

  • Great inspiration for starting the new year! I definitely have to do this asap. Great post! x, S

  • Rachel

    I did! Of everything! My top tip is keeping on top of it – even if it’s just doing one thing as week to keep things clean and tidy :) How much better does it make you feel though!?

    • That is a great idea – it makes me feel so much better seeing bags of things I’ve cleared. So refreshing to have some space too!xx

  • Esha Rajesh

    OMG! soooo much makeup!!! soooo jealous!! <3 xx

  • Rouge & Water

    I love a good new year clean out!

  • Kelly glen

    It is certainly a good way to start a new year, I always feel better after a good clear out. As you say what is the point in keeping things if you never use them.
    Plus it also has its good points, it means you can always go shopping for lovely new things to replace the things you get rid of!!

    • Haha so true! I always do that I see space in my wardrobe which instantly has me thinking I can buy new things to fill it :p xx

      • Kelly glen

        Do you think that’s what the saying ‘ out with old in with the new ‘ means, if not I think we could apply it to this don’t you!!

  • I really need to sort and clear stuff out at the min I have like two make up bags full up of old and new make up everything mixed up and Birchboxes and Horror Blocks to get out the stuff and sort sort sort. But I keep using the excuse that I am moving in 5 months haha. Great post. xox

    • I used to have boxes upon boxes of old beauty subscription boxes but found it just made me keep more stuff than I needed. Once they went – all my stuff did too it was like magic haha! Glad you enjoyed the post :) xx

      • haha I know they just seem to pile up lol. xox

  • jollyjadejc .

    Snap i did the same to my clothes. I always find this the hardest as like you said, that dress you wore on that night out that was amazing but looking at wearing that dress again now (nope not a chance ) GET RID :) i gave a lot of stuff to charity and a few things to family members.. this also fitted in nicely with another of one of my goals…to see and spend more time with family! Winner all round x

    • That sounds like the perfect clear out! I also have to remind myself that my tastes have changed – those Uni dresses were nice…once!xx

  • Beautyosaurus Lex

    Great post! Each season I find myself doing a bit of a purge through my closet and beauty products, it is such a refreshing way to start the new season and I feel good about donating things that I realistically don’t use :)

    Beautyosaurus Lex