A Day Out To: The Natural History Museum

national history museum
national history museum
national history museum
national history museum
natural history museum
national history museum
national history museum

When you live in London the Natural History Museum becomes a place you would frequent on a school trip however rarely visit outside those years. Finding a day to swing by when it isn’t bustling with tourists fyi that day doesn’t exist means that since I left my school days behind I’ve hardly been back. That all changed the other weekend when I braved South Ken and joined the queues to rediscover the rooms of mammals and fossils. Considering entry is free the building is pretty breathtakingly beautiful and they are constantly adding new exhibitions inside to attract the crowds.

Visiting the weekend before everyone returned to work resulted in queues on mass (even to get through the front door) however once inside you can choose which rooms to visit meaning the hoards of people can be nearly avoided. New in is their Darwin Center, a chance to explore research facilities, talk to scientists all whilst viewing over 80 million specimens. There is also the   Volcano and Earthquake Gallery complete with earthquake simulator where you can discover plate tectonics and feel the ripples from a quake.

A big winner for all visitors is the dinosaur exhibition. When I visited this did require a second queue inside the foyer however for dino enthusiasts, or not, this is well worth a viewing. A large enclosed exhibition space with a special addition at the end (I won’t give it away and spoil it!) for those that want to learn more, just see some dinos or if you are visiting with young children, it’s a winner all round. If that isn’t enough, bookmark March in your calendars for the Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea.

  • Amazing photos! I love visiting museums and galleries, this one looks so interesting :) x

  • I work about 10 seconds from here yet still haven’t been in, last time was as you say a school trip! I really should go again!
    Josie XOXO
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  • I love the Natural History Museum and I LOVE that its free!

  • thisgirlloveschic

    wow these photos look gorgeous

    This Girl Loves Chic




  • My company sponsored an exhibition at the NHM a couple of years ago and we had our Summer Party in the main haul – was amazing with a big old dinosaur overlooking proceedings. Word is we’re back there this Summer.

    Victoria xFlorenceandMary.com

  • wow such a stunning building i love these buildings they were made with such care and look gorgeous especially when your in need of taking some wonderful pictures like you have here , would be lovely to go one day x

    • Hopefully I managed to capture a bit of it’s beauty as it really is an incredible building xx

  • Kelly glen

    This is a great way to remind us all what great museums there are in this country. I have not visited this place for about 28 years so I think it might be about time I went again.

    • Defo head there when you can – lots of new things to see and exhibitions and it’s free!xx

  • Kerm

    Oh this s so cool! I love going to museums. When I go to London the Natural History Museum is on my list to visit. :) x


  • I’ve never visited this place but I really, really want to and your post has reminded me why! Really nice to see a different sort of post on my feed too :)

    • So glad you enjoyed it :) I love walking round here as you can either pop in for an hour or spend the day whatever you wish to do!xx

  • Oh my goodness I love the Natural History Museum. Not joking when I say it is my favourite place in London. I am also obsessed with coral and I used to collect a few bits so I’ll definitely check that exhibition out. Thanks for the heads up!

    Dusty Foxes Beauty

  • Madison Victoria x

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    Thank you xx

  • GD

    One of my favourite places.

  • Jessica Riley

    Its such a beautiful building. Sometimes it’s hard to work out if your supposed to look at the building or the exhibits.


    • Haha I know what you mean! I spent so long taking picture of the building I almost forgot to go inside!xx

  • OH MY!!! I need to go there!! I’m moving to London this month *nervous* but I hopefully will find some time to visit this amazing Museum! I’m passionate about art galleries and museums no matter the exhibition! Can’t wait :) Your post made me want it even more, sounds like you had an amazing time there! xx

    Mary Bloomy

    • You really do! Also head to the Saatchi Gallery if you have time – a gorgeous place as well and also free entry!xx

      • Already writing it down on my agenda!! :) Thanks lovely x