The Sunday Share #39

no makeup

The simple joy of no makeup days – sometimes a rarity, I relish the moments when I forgo my daily makeup routine and let my skin breathe. It’s not often these days come by, a full time job and an attempt at a social life means that makeup becomes a daily occurrence. During the week I remain loyal to my stash of cosmetics and can be seen with a cat eye, blush and an attempt at a smokey eye. Then we have the weekend, often a chance for a more simple routine my five product face is usually what you can find me wearing however this still involves popping products onto your face.

Today I am taking the opportunity to allow my pores to run free, I have an all purpose moisturiser on to ensure my skin is still protected from the elements but aside from that it’s sans makeup for me! I off out to pickup the Christmas tree and although there is some discolouration, blackheads creeping around my nose and bags that won’t disappear for life or money, I’m sticking with it! Your skin its yours and is perfect no matter how it looks. If people wish to judge because of that – shame on them! Embrace the beauty, face the world with your bare face and enjoy the thanks your skin will give you for a day off.

  • Lisa

    Your skin looks pretty good to me, good for you encouraging us to be a bit more natural occasionally

  • Seriously your skin looks really healthy! *touch wood* You have nothing to worry! :-)


  • Ginn Marie

    I’ll be honest. Even tho I love makeup ( so many eye shadows!!) I usally will let my skin go bare if I’m not going out. My face is my face, and honestly I don’t care what a bunch of strangers think about it. I wear it when I want to, and I don’t hate the way I look without it. We’re all beautiful.

  • I love makeup so much, but I love no makeup days as well! Sometimes it’s nice to not have to worry.

  • Maria

    I love no makeup days because that is when i can make and put masks on my face…I love homemade masks…They are so great for my face…