This Week I’ve Been… #38


All hail Saturdays *huzzah* I’ve done a bit of a switch around with my weekends and bumped up my relaxation time a day early, Saturdays are the new lie in days! Thanks to the long hours at work taking its toll on my beloved sleep the first opportunity that arises I curl up under my festive patterned blanket and indulge in the latest episode of Geordie Shore. 9am spinning class you can wait until the New Year ;) Slouchy pjs, big comfy hoodies and trash TV – perfection! In four weeks time Christmas will be done and dusted and starting to become a distant memory, how does time manage to fly past so darn quickly?! The run up to Christmas especially goes by in a flash as one moment you have all the time in the world and the next it’s Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed my early planning will cover me this year!

This Week I’ve Been…

Testing out new drugstore beauties – I did a bit of a Boots dash the other weekend thanks to the current (and oh so dangerous) 3 for 2 offer happening in store. From bases to lips I picked up a variety of products which so far I’ve been loving

Sharing my Christmas Gift Guides – this week was a festive overload on the blog with five posts brimming with beauty picks and selections for your friends and family this year. Hopefully you got a few present ideas from the post and enjoyed reading them!

Watching a very content and snuggly kitty – with the Winter season comes the cold weather and this little fluff ball has been finding some new spots around the house to keep her footsies warm. The latest place is on the radiator cover and doesn’t she just look adorable!

Showcasing my ping pong skillz – last weekend I headed out for a friends birthday and went to Ping to showcase my incredible ping pong (more like beer pong) skills. Incredible they may not be but I had a lot of fun and it was great to catchup with old friends :)

Making up smoothies in my super cool jar – as the cold weather means my desire to go to a gym class is pretty non existence I’ve instead been jumping on the smoothie bandwagon and showcasing my latest recipe in my ‘oh so trendy’ moustache jar. Delic!

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