This Week I’ve Been… #37


All hail the fact that I no longer feel like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards – huzzah! It’s taken me a good two weeks to mend and although I still cough like I person whose lungs hate life, I’m more fighting fit in comparison to last weekend. Although I’ve been trying to keep myself indoors to ensure the lurgy doesn’t return I did manage to pop to the theatre on Thursday night to see Speed the Plow starting Lindsay Lohan. Granted this wasn’t the best play I’ve ever seen but considering the tickets were cheap, it got me out the office on time and I could catchup with some lovely friends – it was worth it in my books!

This Week I’ve Been…

Returning to a smiley face after a day out sick – I always feel mega guilty if I take a day off work so it was nice to walk back into the office to see this big smiley face on my computer screen

Ogling the utterly divine NARS Lip Pencil Christmas Set – oh my days how beautiful is this?! My first foray into NARS Lip Pencils (I know, why has it taken me so long?!) this set is utterly divine and so worth the money

Talking all things beauty this week – over on the blog this week it has been crammed full of beauty posts all ready for my Christmas gift guide week next week!

Checking out the new Origins stand in the Selfridges store – Origins has relocated into the beauty workshop section of Selfridges and their new stand is gorgeous and really inviting. You also get a free 20 minute facial – sign me up!

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