This Week I’ve Been… #32


Ah beautiful weekend – these blissful two days that we wish for across the week and look forward to for their promise of lie ins, brunch and shopping trips with friends. This week at work was the last at my current office as we are on the move! Our department has grown to such a size that we officially no longer fit in the building, as of Monday we will be setting up shop in our new home. Closer to Piccadilly Circus with a wonderful view of the shard it’s a very different atmosphere but I’m hoping a change in scenery will help to reignite the team. My initial busy weekend plans are no longer so instead I may be in bed watching all my fav Shona shows that aired on Thursday in the States, that woman knows how to play with my heart strings!

This Week I’ve Been…

Testing out the new cupcakes offerings at Hummingbird – and boy do they deliver! Marshmallow goodness of a bed of fluffy cake, what more do you need? Oh yes a piece of chocolate on top to finish it off ;)

Finally repurchasing some of my fav RT brushes – clearly this is extremely overdue looking at the difference between my old blush brush and my new one! Note to self, replace my brushes!

Flat viewings – I really should stop viewing flats I can’t afford but my oh my are their show rooms utter perfection. My new life mission is to live in a show home, that can be done…right?

Clearing out my lipstick draws – in a bid move my recent Sephora lipstick collection buy into my lipstick home, it resulted in an afternoon of organisation and lippy rejigging. Luckily I made it fit without having to buy yet another Muji draw

Rediscovering an old classic – two years ago this was the only foundation I wore and now I remember why. Coverage yet light on the skin this gives a gorgeous finish to the skin that lasts throughout the day

View from my new desk – for a girl that love London it is utter perfection!

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