This Week I’ve Been… #31


Oh what a week – after the most glorious weekend I had some serious post fun blues when Monday rolled into town and throughout the whole week I haven’t been able to shake that bleugh feeling. Partially down to the horrendous weather that has been in London throughout the past five days I feel utterly rained out and just want to hide under my duvet with multiple episodes of Grey’s and Scandal. After being a Winter bunny for the majority of my life I now find it hard to adjust to the dark nights and cold evenings, yes I love the changing of the seasons but loosing out on light results in me feeling a tad blue – does anyone else ever feel this way? How do you motivate yourself when it’s cold outside and the rain is pouring from the sky?

This Week I’ve Been…

The glorious weekend in question – with birthday cake, afternoon tea and the London Transport Museum, what’s not to love?!

Big smiles and lost voices – not only am I a bus fanatic, I can now say that I love karaoke. Lucky Voice in Soho is the place to go and you have the privacy of your own booth to share with your friends as you sing (well shout) your way along to Dreamgirls

Rubbish days at work –  can only be solved with a soak in the bath and a face mask. Well, not when the hot water runs out and you get into a nice full bath of cold water *sad face*

Cake fun – after singing karaoke what better way to celebrate the wondrous show you have just put on then to indulge in a super cute cake that looks too good to eat! (don’t worry, I still ate it!)

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