The Sunday Share #33

real technique brushes

Revamping your makeup brushes – is this a thing? I deep clean my daily brush picks regularly promise and ensure to reshape them and care for them, but you forget how much wear and tear each fibre actually goes through. Case in point, my RT collection. Their quality is unrivalled and hands down they are the most affordable and best value for money brush brand I’ve ever used. Price tag doesn’t determine value here and RT form the majority of my everyday essentials. Although they have done me proud for over two years I kid you not in recent days I noticed they were starting to take a turn for the sad.

Now, it’s not that they stopped working, became defective or were unable to do their job, it’s just that they developed a rather fluffy characteristic which strayed from the normal shape of the brush. My Blush Brush began to look like my Multi Task Brush and my Powder Brush has expanded so much it hardly fits in my storage pot. Washing aside there was only one thing for it, repurchases. I’ve never re-brought a brush before and honestly wasn’t sure if this was the solution, that was until my new Blush Brush arrived. The photo says it all, old one on the left, newbie on the right, it’s plain to see how different they are.

Back when I bought my first RT brush the brand was still in it’s infancy and the longevity of their products was unknown. Although not a single fibre has shed, over the years their shape has diminished so I’ve bitten the bullet and am in the process of replacing my daily essentials. It’s only when you buy a newbie that you realise how this should have been done six months ago ;) So far, aside from shape, there is no difference in quality and they are still my go to brush brand.

  • I’ve tried all different brushes a RT are my favourite too. you never know you could use the old one for other things around the house or even trim them slightly to make a different type of brush, I’ve done it before to make a normal eyeshadow brush into a blending brush when it had expanded :) x


    Glitter InfatuationBloglovin

    • That’s SUCH a good idea!! I never thought of doing that but defo going to have to give it a try now! Thanks lovely :) xx

  • I really do need new brushes…I’m tempted to cave in and get the Zoeva rose gold brush collection!
    Hayley xo |

  • jade

    I use quite a few RT brushes and they do wash well. Will always count on RT for an affordable good brush :) xoxo

  • Esha Rajesh

    That is a big difference

    • I know I couldn’t quite believe it until I bought the new ones!xx

      • Esha Rajesh

        You can tell the difference right away. Do you think you still could’ve used the old ones ?

        • I think as something else, maybe just a buffing brush but they didn’t work how I wanted them to anymore xx

          • Esha Rajesh

            Oh, that’s a shame! Well, at least you’ve got new ones!! :) xx

  • Rosie x

    I’ve just had to re-buy my RT Expert Face Brush as all the fibres were starting to fall out in clumps! At least they are reasonably priced :)

    Rosie (

    • Oh no! Fingers crossed you had had it for a while :) They do pretty well considering how much they get used!xx

  • Abbie Rose

    I definitely need to order some from iherb since Priceline is so overpriced!