The Sunday Share #32


For a girl that works within the film industry, my one true love actually lies within TV shows. Although I am passionate about the industry I work in, something about the length of current feature films results in me nodding off around the 40 minute mark. Either due to the lack of drama or tension that occurs during this crucial time, instead of becoming gripped within the story on the big screen I find myself dozing off and becoming disinterested. I need that fast paced action you get within a 40 minute TV show, especially ones written the fantastic Shonda Rhimes. I am a massive fan of all things Shondaland as she has an incredible skill of making each minute of her shows carry an air of tension that keeps you gripped until the last second. That woman knows how to bring out so many emotions that I am constantly left wanting more. With three of her shows currently being aired, it’s a full on Shonda extravaganza in my TV diary and I couldn’t be happier!

Greys Anatomy

There aren’t many words left to describe this outstanding award winning medical drama that is currently in it’s 11th season. The only TV show that has reduced me to a blubbering wreck on the majority of my Friday nights, if you haven’t seen an episode then you are seriously missing out. Love, loss, hijacking, plane crashes, the works. Not only do you have the drama of a surgical ward and emergency room, you become intwined within the lives of the surgeons themselves and feel every emotion that this incredible show takes them through during this impressible 11th season run.


The second Shonda show I became immersed in follows fixer Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators. I started watching Scandal whilst it was in season 3 and needless to say, I managed to get through the entire back catalogue within a matter of weeks. The president needed me and I was so hooked I managed to miss my stop on the train once and may have even shed a tear on the tube. It’s fair to say that Olivia Pope is my new hero and although I may never be a lover of red wine like she is, this outstanding character will have everyone coming back for me. This political drama needs to be at the top of everyones ‘to watch’ list but prepared to become Gladiator obsessed.

How To Get Away With Murder

The latest Shonda ride to hit our screens, this show is very much still within it’s infancy with only four episodes aired to date. We are still getting to know criminal law professor Annalise and her team of students that work as defines attorneys, however we already have a murdered school girl with twist and turns that we can’t even begin to fathom out. Our complex lead character develops within each episode and although it wasn’t love at first watch, I can feel myself quickly becoming immersed into the world of this legal drama.


Although not written or producer by mastermind Shonda, this American take on our British Spooks has become my new favourite show. Following the life of genius Walter O’Brien, each episode our team of Scorpions are given impossible tasks that have to be completed in order to save the lives of American people. Inspired by a true story this show has all the big dramatics of a US hit show however you also get a few key moments between the team and one of their genius sons that keeps a humble edge.

  • Grey’s Anatomy is the one programme that can make me experience so many emotions. It’s so frustrating though as my colleague at work is a series behind me as she doesn’t have sky so we can talk about it but I can’t talk about it in the present!!!

    And as for Scandal – when I grow up I want to be as amazing as Olivia Pope… for now I’ll just concentrate on the red wine habit.

    Victoria x

    • Grey’s Anatomy will forever be my number one show – like you said it makes me feel all the feels!! Let’s make it our mission to be the next Olivia Popes ;) You can have the red wine habit and I’ll take on the takeout food haha xx