The Birthday Day

birthday post

Ah birthdays – that time of the year when you turn even older whilst trying to retain any childlike excitement you once held onto so dearly when your day of birth loomed. As soon as you surpass the age of 17, cards and wishes focus on the fact you are now ‘old’ and those carefree days of little to no responsibility slip away. Although the party bags, roller discos and bouncy castles may be a think of the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day with the people you love and get spoilt rotten! My birthday weekend was rather splendid and started with nails and brunch on the Saturday followed by an evening of cocktails, prosecco and karaoke (I still have no voice).

On my actual birthday I went for Afternoon Tea at the One Aldwych which is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired and needless to say, is freaking AWESOME! After getting myself into quite the sugar haze we then hop footed our way over to the London Transport Museum which was everything I wanted it to be and more. There was buses, tubes, old tubes, steam trains and yes, you were able to sit in a bus drivers seat OH BABY I may have pushed small children out of the way to take the prime spot. Even though the sugar hit was still running through my blood stream we came home and indulged in a slice of home made birthday malt cake which was just the best thing I’ve ever had *NOM*

What made the day that bit more special was having a car service organised by Blacklane Limousines. A relatively new service to the UK, they are like Uber but allow you to prebook the service which is perfect when you have a restaurant booked or need to get to a business meeting or flight. The car was incredible – Mercedes with tinted windows and all the gadgets and features you could ever need. Reclining chairs in the back, heated seats and chocolates in the arm rest. Perfection. Our driver was friendly, prompt and knowing we did have to faff around with the Sunday service on public transport meant we could just relax and really enjoy the day. If you haven’t used them before I would highly recommend them and prices are confirmed upfront so you always know what you will be paying.

Overal my birthday was fantastic and I’ve got the post birthday blues. Thank you to all you wonderful people that stopped by to wish me happy birthday, it meant so much to me.