Caring for an Orchid


Woh nelly am I seriously doing a plant post? Who do I think I am…Alan Titchmarsh?! Although I might not have green fingers or a penchant for potted plants, I have got a single flower that is starting to become very dear to my heart. Not only that, it’s an orchid and these are notoriously difficult to look after. I was gifted this gracious plant from work after completing my first show in London and initially I had my doubts. I was convinced that it wouldn’t last the week and considering I had to carry it home on the tube and train, I’m still impressed it didn’t get battered and left at Vauxhall. Not only that, five months down the line and it is *fingers crossed* still alive.

In the beginning, things didn’t go to plan. The flowers turned to brown and my skills of keeping something alive wasn’t filling me with any hope. I did a spot of Googling to rectify the situation however I was just left in a baffled stream of trying to work out which orchid I actually owned. Instead I decided to rely on my instincts and considering I have new buds flowering and the brown leaves over time turn to a gorgeous vivid pink, it looks like I have a secret talent as an orchid whisperer! Luckily for you today I am going to share my new talent just encase you find yourself with an orchid that’s fate lies in your hands.

  • Keep your orchid in a place that gets sun throughout the day but isn’t in constant direct sunlight
  • Don’t over water, only add more water to the plant if the pot is completely dry
  • Wash out the pot every few weeks to remove any smelly or dirty water
  • Some of the flowers will drop off, don’t worry as they are making room for fresh new buds
  • Make sure your orchid is out of reach from cats – mine was very¬†fascinated by it when I first bought it home ;)
  • Pruning or repotting? So far I’ve done neither. I’ve left my orchid to do what it needs to do and have helped it along in terms of water and sunlight
  • When you do water the plant, half a glass is more then enough. Make sure it’s not sat swimming in water as this makes for a rather sad and unhappy orchid!
  • India Benjamin

    My step mum has around 11 orchids, she’s obsessed! They are pretty plants though.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  • Amy

    I love orchids! My boyfriend’s parents and grandparents got us a white one and a purple one, they are sooooo pretty :)

  • Now you make me want to get orchids too, that is such a gorgeous one! I finally have a mini herb garden (lemon thyme, oregano, parsley, sage and rosemary) and I have been thinking of getting flowers. The weather has been dreadful though, rain and wind without sun so maybe it’s just not the right time, eh?

    Reflection of Sanity

    • Quite possibly – thats why I’m for all the indoor plants! Might have to get one for the office now!xx

  • Ok, this might be one of the most useful posts I’ve ever read! There’s an orchid at work that needs some care, I’m going to check if your recommendations are followed! ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

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