This Week I’ve Been… #28


I feel like I’ve slept for an eternity however do I feel rested and ready for the weekend? Erm someone pass me back my duvet stat! My holiday feels like a distant memory now and I keep looking through all the photos with a tear in my eye. Say it isn’t really over! Being able to travel to one of my favourite places in the world with one of my favourite people is a once in a lifetime chance and I have my fingers and toes crossed that we can return soon. There are jobs in the world that involve you flying to Vegas twice a year…right?! Needless to say the holiday blues have well and truly kicked in and I may sound like a broken record until I have my flights booked for the next trip ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

The only sensible meal to have after a red eye flight is of course  – Five Guys! I finally indulged in a grilled cheese sandwich (sadly not as epic as I expected it to be) and then forget all their burgers come with two patties in as standard. Yes I may have waddled myself back home!

Reminiscing about the gorgeous pool and weather – why oh why must London be so cold and overcast?! If only it had the weather Vegas has aye ;)

Final night drinks – a snazzy cocktail, a bar with ice built in to it and a buzzing casino in the background. It’s amazing how quickly I adapted to this surrounding and how at home I felt. Guess it’s just somewhere I am meant to be!

Saying goodbye to Sin City – and passing out on the flight thanks to a night of very little sleep. Worked in my advantage as I pretty much slept like a baby, however a gormless baby with their mouth wide open and legs stretched out!

The longest and most epic pizza I have encountered – to try and ward off the holiday blues I went for dinner with some old school friends that I haven’t seen in far too long. Pizza Metro pops all your pizzas together in this impressive looking display and boy was it delicious! Yum yum :)

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