This Week I’ve Been… #26


My out of office is on, my holiday wardrobe is sprawled across my bedroom and the hallway and in three sleeps time I will be boarding a plane. I’ve kept this trip a bit hush hush as every time I think about it I almost burst with excitement. Let’s just say it’s a complete over indulgence, I maaay have already visited this location once already this year (major hint!) but this time I am going with one of my besties and I can’t actually wait! My only worry is that why I look at my holiday dresses they are all cream…time to hit the shops for some emergency shopping!

This Week I’ve Been…

Making sneaky purchases at Space NK – I caved and finally bought a ByTerry Ombré Blackstart. In my defensive it was only a matter of time before this happened and at least I only left with one as opposed to the three that were swatched on my hand ;)

Enjoying kitty snuggles – before I jet off on holiday I’ve been making the most of lots of kitten snuggles. Chloe is almost at the year old mark now and turning into a bit of a diva who doesn’t want to spend time with me…well unless she is hungry!

Buying makeup brushes aka a holiday essential….right?! – who ever said that makeup brushes weren’t a holiday essential? I’ve had these gorgeous brushes sitting on my wish list for far too long and figured now was a good a time as any to pick them up. Boy am I glad that I did as you only have to look at them to see how gorgeous they are

Enjoying a Percy Pig filled Sunday – what else are Sundays for then to enjoy a sweet treat whilst watching as much Netflix as humanly possible. I may have a little addition to the fizzy tales and I gave the rosy noses a try for the first time, simply scrumptious

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