Embracing Change


WOH – those are a lotta pictures of my face! Maybe I should have had a warning sign before this popped up and gave you all the shock of your life ;) That being said here I am in all my colourful and chubby cheek loving glory, as you can see a lot has changed over these past few years. Back at University I was all about the colour, I couldn’t get enough of the stuff and if I wasn’t wearing something bright then something was seriously wrong. I was the girl that wore a black dress and paired them with a pair of bright pink tights, black shorts were met with blue tights and yes I even had a purple pair too. I didn’t own a single neutral shadow, I wore green and blue shadows as everyday colours I kid you not and blue liner was my BFF.

Since leaving University I’ve not only grown up, I’ve also strayed from that ballsy edge that would pair glitter, yellow and green together on my eyelids and leave the house ready to own the night, now it’s a miracle if I incorporate a dark smokey blue into an evening look. Although my tastes have altered and I’ve become more timid when it comes to incorporating colour, I do admire the guts I had back in the day, as they say no shits were given and I had a blast. As you grow up you may find yourself becoming more conservative, you develop a more chic daily work style at least thats what I pretend I’m doing however it’s important to embrace all elements of your personality. I am still a loud and brash person at best of times but although that might not come across in my makeup on a daily basis, it’s an element of my personality I don’t want to shy away from.

Although I might not be rushing right back to the blue liner it’s important to embrace change whilst staying true to yourself, a tough feat in these high pressure social times. Although the rest of the world is filling their wardrobe with monochrome statement pieces I might have my eye on a orange skirt ready to make it’s debut, I’ve never been one to follow the trends. Change is good but don’t stray from your heart, it’s what makes you special and individual and is the essence of who you are.

  • I had a Barry M dazzle dust in just about every shade going and always matched my eye-shadow to my outfit…. These days I’m far more conservative and I guess my jobs played a big part in that…
    Aimée Belle


    • Yeah my job has made me more conservative too! Ahh I remember the good old days of the Barry M dazzle dusts!xx

  • I have to admit a had a good laugh at that blue shadow, more for the all out application! I used to use a lot more color too and I agree with you, I should use it a bit more! Well, I should start by using my gorgeous Marc Jacobs blue pencil that’s waiting for me… ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  • Olivia Cheryl Williams

    Great to see you having so much confidence! I definitely don’t experiment with makeup like that! Don’t have the guts!! :P xx

  • Hannah Marie

    I love colourful make up tbh! I use a lot for nights out! I seem to stick to mostly neutrals normally!


  • India Benjamin

    I’ve never actually really had loud makeup, even though I’m quite loud! I just don’t feel brave enough to wear it, although I occasionally pop on the bold lip now and then which I didn’t use to!
    India / Touchscrees & Beautyqueens

  • love this post.

    I used to read your blog and somehow i lost it and I found it again yesterday! woo! Now your on my bloglovin I will never lose you again!

    I used to wear bright turquoise eyeshadow and green liner! but now I’m more into those purples and more natural colours. I find ways to experiment with colour still, just more naturally with my sheeks and lips, not just my eyes!

    I realised I spelt Cheeks wrong. but i quite like sheeks actually, sheek cheeks!


    • Aw bless you – welcome back :) I think I need to experiment more with my cheek (sheek!) and lip colour like you said, embrace the colour and experimentation!! It’s nice to mix things up a bit as neutrals can only be worn so many ways right ;) xx

      • yes exactly ! haha x x x