This Week I’ve Been… #24


Come on, who turned the Winter tap on? It still manages to amaze me how the weather can shift in a instant, it’s as if there is someone who snaps their fingers and boom there goes summertime. Fingers crossed this isn’t the end and a warmer September is on our horizon. Thoughts of the long nights and radiant sun being over makes me do a sad face, for someone that used to hate summer this is saying a lot! Sadly this weekly update is pretty much an echo of the last: work, work, sleep, work, try and sleep on the tube. I am however enjoying this bank holiday weekend in Bournemouth which reminds me…I better finish packing so I can head off!

This Week I’ve Been…

Sobbing over the rain drops – seriously. Rain. No. Go away. Bring back summer!

Saying goodbye to old makeup looks – I had a major clear out on Sunday and finally said goodbye to all the makeup I was hoarding. Seriously, why did I ever think blue liner was such a good look?!

Pining over new makeup additions – a big clear out is the perfect excuse to pickup some new goodies ;) My eyes are set on this Bobbi Brown bag banisher!

Cuddling with cute kittens – one of my best friends has two of the most adorable kittens and last weekend I had lots of cuddles with them and may have tried to sneak them home with me :P

Getting heathy drink inspiration from the lovely Zanazapan – seriously how delicious does this drink sound? Must order it soon yuuuum

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