This Week I’ve Been… #22


This weekend can be summed up in one word – tired. You know those days when you just can’t shake the feeling of being sleepy, try having it five days in a row ;) I can’t complain though as now it’s finally the weekend and I have a blissful afternoon planned of relaxing and watching a heap of Gossip Girl. Who said I wasn’t a wild child ;) With storms on the horizon it’s time to make the most of any sunshine that can break through the clouds and brighten up the day. Who knows how many more of them we will have!

This Week I’ve Been…

At a climbing wall – Oh yes, you read it here first, I went climbing! An activity I have never taken part in before, nor thought I ever would. Last weekend I joined my friends at the Mile End Climbing Wall and although I may have not made it high off the ground, I did have a heap of fun. Who knew?! Oh, and the pain you feel the next day after climbing – oh wow!

Laughing at the fail of the most pointless gift with purchase – Debenhams, what is the point of this?! Ordering a sneaky skincare set online only to be presented with another one for free! Maybe next time let people know what the gift is so their pennies could be sent elsewhere ;)

Ogling my name in the credits – Oh hi name, look at you sneaking up at the end of the latest Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. May not have worked on the film for the longest amount of time but I am super proud of my credit :) It is also one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time, but I might just be biased :P

Finally indulging in the delight that is the Chicken Shop – Heading to Tooting on Friday night meant that we had the perfect excuse to pop by into the Chicken Shop and see what all the fuss was about. A full post will be gracing this blog soon but, cheeky preview, the chicken is incredible!

Laughing at Chloe going into stalker mode with a fly – How adorable, you think her inner hunter mode would be more switched on to birds or mice but no, not with this little kitten. Her interest lies in fly catching and impressively enough she has managed to catch a fair few!

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