This Week I’ve Been… #21


Apologies for the late running of this blog post – today I set my alarm bright and early to attend a morning spin class session. Needless to say since I’ve returned my body has turned to stone and I’ve just been in a daze of watching YouTube videos on repeat! This week has been a bit of a blur, since settling into more of a daily routine at work this has resulted in the hours flying past and it feels like the week was made up on two days instead of five. Luckily I’ve got a few chances of relaxation this weekend which I plan on making the most of, I can eve see the sun starting to appear – garden time here I come!

This Week I’ve Been…

Indulging in one of the best afternoon tea’s I’ve ever had – I will popping up a full blog post about this experience soon but if you are looking for an afternoon of delicious food and gorgeous surroundings, head to the Sanderson for the Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea!

Getting my hair chopped – therefore taking more unnecessary selfies ;) I’ve gone quite short this time with my tresses but am loving the freedom of a short bob

Wining and dinning at the California Dream Big awards evening – not only did I snoop around the Guardian I got to enjoy all things Californian, don’t mind if I do!

Seeing my blog post printed large and in charge – sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in your little space on the internet and forget what you are actually achieving. Seeing my post blown up made me feel rather proud!

Having a NARS Monday – not looking forward to the start of a new week? Do what I did and indulge in all things NARS, it works wonders ;)

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