The Sunday Share #23

sunday share
sunday share

Today is all about instant mood lifters. If you follow me on twitter then you might have noticed that this isn’t the post I was planning on sharing with you today. I had a more creative one in mind but I wasn’t quite able to execute the big plan I had conjured up in my head. As you can see, it’s one of those days. Instead of getting myself all wound up and frustrated I figured it would be more sensible to admit defeat, switch off and try again later. Days like these are when I turn to my instant mood lifters to remind me that everything is going to be okay and that it never works sweating the small stuff. Instead, these are the times to relax, wind down and indulge in as much Netflix as humanly possible ;) 

Whenever I’m having an off day my room becomes my sanctuary. The fairy lights go on, a couple of candles get lit and I snuggle up with a box set. Today it’s Gossip Girl and for an extra mood booster I make have made a sneaky purchase at Bens Cookies. No, it’s not going to help my jeans fit any better but it will help to put a smile on my face whilst keeping my sweet tooth happy. Today I am throwing caution to the wind and hoping that I put in enough effort in at spinning yesterday to allow for this extra indulgence ;) As much as it would be nice to think that everyday you can achieve all the plans you set out for yourself, sometimes it just doesn’t play out that way and there is no harm in having an off day.

What are your fail safe remedies for when you’re not feeling your best? Yes I may be spending Sunday afternoon in my pjs with a face mask on but right now, there is nothing else I would rather be doing!

  • I love your posts! You made some really nice points that lifted my mood. Sundays
    are made for chilling. I love browsing blogs and watching films etc :-) xx

    Helen |

  • Gossip Girl always makes everything better! Perfect day :)

  • Kelly glen

    I always find reading blogs is the vest way to take my mind off of daily life.
    Your posts are always top of my lists of ones to read as they are always well written.

  • I prefer blogs over magazines now, I love how you learn to trust the opinion of the writer and you can rely on them to be honest. On the subject of not feeling my best I find a walk helps to clear my mind. I love reading, especially anything by Jo Nesbo and finally a good old pamper does wonders! x