How to Stay Creative…


Over the past few weeks I’ve felt a little bit lost here over on the old blog. I’ve consumed myself in reading new blogs with a wider range of topics, and ultimately I’ve wound up feeling a little bit old hack. I’ve been typing away and sharing my beauty ramblings for over four years now with my very first post going live back on 28th July 2010. Ever since I pressed publish for the first time I honestly have never looked back. I’ve loved every moment of being part of this fantastic, dynamic and inspiring community that is constantly growing and evolving. One thing I have found however is that I do get a bit bashful when it comes to sharing my opinion about anything other then beauty.

A lot of the new blogs I’ve been reading publish incredible posts that range from tips to their younger selves, how to juggle blogging and working, fitness and their daily lives. I’ve become so humbled by their honesty that it’s made me become a tad reflective over what I share with you on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong – I adore talking all things beauty and with four years under my belt I am showing no signs of slowing down. Saying that though I do feel empowered to trust my voice and am motivated to expand the remit in which topics I share on this online space. Keeping a blog that is reflective of your personality can be difficult, especially when you yourself are in the process of growing up and trying to establish where you fit in the world.

Try and balance that with a full time job and an expanding community of talented people and the whole process can become rather daunting. To keep myself typing away I find the what keeps me feeling creative and passionate is reading other blogs. I know some people say you shouldn’t as you want to keep your voice niche however I think you can achieve the two together. I get inspired by seeing other people take their blogs in brave and new directions and it makes me want to push myself more not only as a person but also as a content creator. With videos becoming such a dominant feature in how people consume media I think it is time for blogs to stand tall and show off everything they have to offer.

  • This is something I struggle with a lot! Great post :)

  • Emma Louise Coakes

    I am new to the blogging world and often question if people really care about or want to hear what I have to say. But its all about being yourself and being real.

    • It really is! Stick to your guns and you will go far xx

    • I have really struggled with this too. Especially as when you start out you have to rely on your network of friends to start your readership and spread the word. I sometimes feel like I bombard people but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love sharing my experiences in the hope they’ll inspire others to try new things.

  • Kelly glen

    I hope you do not decide to give up on blogging I always look forward to reading you posts.

  • Don’t ever stop, we love your honesty & you are always introducing us to new products! I love how you always reply & you’ll offer advice too. I loved your Vegas post and your festival post so you do write about different things. Keep it up! x

  • I used to always do beauty/fashion posts but have found a passion for lifestyle posts. I wish you all the best whichever direction you go with your blog. Best wishes :-) xx

    Helen |

    • Thank you lovely! It’s hard to know sometimes but you’ve just got to stick to your guns!xx

  • Well, I pretty much only read beauty blogs but that’s were I’ll read a few lifestyle or fashion posts ;) As long as it’s someone I know I like the work of I’m happy to see different things, so if it’s you doing it I’m sure I’m going to love it! Keep going, I’ve seen a lot of posts about similar topics and I hope everyone has found a way to keep doing what they love! xx

  • I read all types of blogs and honestly, I think that’s what keeps me creative (I say that after blogging for only a few months- ha!) but I think one of the beautiful things about blogging is that you can bounce off everyone else s ideas to make them your own!

    • It is one creative community and I am always inspired by the blogs and vlogs I watch and read :) xx