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little miracles

Little Miracles*

Really, a blog post all about a drink? Bare with me here as considering everything you put inside your body is shown on your face (quite literally in my case at the moment!) I think it’s just as important to chat about beauty from the inside out as opposed to simply focusing on those items we put on our face. When trying to stick to a healthy eating plan it is one thing to be good with salads and veggies but can you ditch the fizzy drinks too? Cherry coke is a big big weakness of mine and I often find myself looking at cans longingly in the newsagents, I know, sad much. They are just so darn delicious and whenever I am having a tough day at work or just need a sugar pick me up, it’s one of the first things I go to.

In an attempt to ditch the fizz I’ve been hunting around for soft drink that aren’t packed full of sugar and hidden nasties. A number of ‘healthily’ drinks sold on the shelves in supermarkets are laden with sugar and aren’t actually as good for you as they may appear to be. It’s wise to check the label before delving in, or in my case, move on into the world of Little Miracles. A blend of organic tea and fruit juice this new brand of drinks contains panax ginseng in it’s purest form to give you the perfect pick-me-up. The sweetness comes from organic agave and each drink contains less than 90 calories, they are also free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

With award winning taste and quality and 4 different flavours to choose from it’s hard to go wrong. You have lemongrass, tea and ginseng, black tea and peach, green tea and pomegranate and white tea and cherry. Drinking water throughout the day can be difficult, especially to hit the recommended daily amount. These new soft drinks are the perfect compromise and each flavour is just as delicious as the last. For someone who hates the taste of tea these are scrumptious!

*pr sample

  • These look pretty good! I wish they sold them in Dubai!


    • Fingers crossed they make their way over there!xx

    • Frederik from Little Miracles

      Hi Iman

      Little Miracles are available in Spinneys, Adnoc (gas station) and Emerat gestation + Milk & Honney. If there is any place in particular you would like us to sell LM, pl send us a note to info@drinklittlemiracles.com

      Best, Frederik from Little Miracles

  • Ooh these sound lovely! I’m trying so hard to be healthy but failing miserable!

    Josie XOXO

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  • Lizzie

    Where can I find these? They sound lovely ♥


  • Sophie Blumenthal

    I love these drinks, discovered them in Tesco in the meal deal :)

    Sophie x