This Week I’ve Been… #20


Pesky holidays, they are so darn lovely at the time but make it so much harder once you have to return to the real world and set you alarm within the hour of 6am – ghastly. I am still in awe over how I managed to spend a full seven days doing very little, maybe I should start up a company teaching people how to spend their days relaxing, whatdaya think ;) Luckily this week hasn’t  been too bad and it has eased me back into the joys of full time work. I do feel like I’ve been walking around the last five days like a deer caught in headlights and my brain is currently in mode overload. To prevent me from falling straight back into last weeks overly relaxed routine I’ve got a jam packed weekend ahead. Here’s hoping I remember my camera so I can share it with you all ;) Oh and note to self – stop falling asleep on public transport! Man I know how to keep things classy…

This Week I’ve Been…

Reminiscing to the quiet and peaceful park day from last week – and really wishing I just picked up and cuddled one of the baby ducks!

Waking up to this adorable face – which FYI gets less adorable if you don’t wake up as she starts to bite your feet to demand breakfast. Cats aye ;)

But how can you be made at them when they look this darn cute – seriously. That mouth. I die

Cooking up some gluten free banana bread – keeps your eyes peeled for a recipe post this week!

Who knew karaoke was SO much fun – oh yes, one hen party, two hours in a karaoke booth and I have found my new talent. Power ballads, I own you

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  • Ohh dear, if I sing, I would probably kill the karaoke machine and that disco ball will combust into a million glitter dust and change me into a bad glittery version of Village People. Seriously though, I can dance but sing? Oh no no no no. LOL!

    • Haha luckily I managed to master the art of holding the mic far enough away so my voice didn’t sound too strong FYI it couldn’t be heard at all which was perfect!xx

  • Beautiiboots

    Your blog is amazing! I LOVE your design and how informative it is! Everything is GREAT!

    would you like to follow each other?

    Will be happy to see you in my blog!

  • *sneaks into your house and creeps out with your cat hidden under my jumper*
    She is gorge.
    My cat is an enthusiastic foot biter too.
    I try and tell me it’s her way of expressing undying love for me.
    I know it’s just because she hasn’t figured out how to open Whiskas on her own yet.

    • Ahaha that made me giggle :) When my cat gets to the Whiskas she has learnt how to puncture the packets with her teeth so she can taste everything just not eat it. Luckily I still have a purpose!!xx

      • Hahaha if they could just get them packets opened properly I don’t know what the world would look like! ;) xx