The Sunday Share #18 My California Dream Big Adventure


If someone were to sit me down, look me straight in the eye and ask me what my favourite holiday destination is, I would answer back with California every-time. Although I may not be your typical surf chick girl with sea salt beachy waves and an all year tan, I do adore the state and everything it has to offer. I have been very fortunate to visit a fair few places within California and each one offers a wealth of experience, adventures and possibilities. With so much to do within this incredible State I’ve put together a few Dream Big plans that, if I had all the money and the time, would be my perfect California trip.

Starting in the northwest of California I would be at one with nature in the Six River National Forest. Brimming with over one million acres of land you can spend your time exploring the six rivers that pass through the forest whilst viewing the scenic sights and botanical areas. There are spots for camping, hiking and fishing so whether you want to spend the day or a long weekend, there are the facilities set up and ready for you to utilize. After filling up the nature level it’s time to head further into the city, next stop, Sacramento. Considering this is the capital city of California, it’s a surprise that I have never been. With several major museums and theater venues there is a wide choice of places to visit and things to see. Sacramento is also home to a zoo and I am a MASSIVE fan of zoos! They have snow leopards, North American River Otters, Red Pandas and even Wallaby’s, I may have to stop looking at photos as I otherwise I might try and book a fly so I can go and see them all.

Before heading further South it wouldn’t be a California adventure without making a stop off in Napa. Named the wine country, it would be rude not to swing over and indulge in a bit of wine tasting and grape stomping. If Big moved there in Sex and the City and it was good enough for him, it is good enough for me ;) Starting to get a tad more surfer chick, next on the agenda is Santa Cruz. With their boardwalk and oceanfront amusement park, why wouldn’t you go exploring through the seaside parks by the sea. I would even attempt a sneaky surf board lesson here, I know, ground breaking stuff! After a lot of relaxing I would then jump straight into the nightlife of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Strip. Celebrate the holiday of a lifetime in a top nightclub, potentially Area as ya know, they filmed a lot of scenes of the Hills there :P Indulge in some fine dinning in a posh celeb hotspot and then go shopping at the Grove whilst watching the fountains.

If that wasn’t enough, the final stop of my big California dream trip would be a spa hotel in the stunning Huntington Beach area. You are but a short drive away from where you can hitch a boat across to Catalina Island and you can spend the days by the beach eating a selection of delicious fresh fish. I would soak up the waves, sunshine and relaxed beachy atmosphere and if that wasn’t enough, a little birdy told me you can even drive over to Disneyland. Oh yes I’ve picked all the best places spots! As you can see I’ve got a lot crammed into this trip but I dream big and would want to take in as much of California as humanly possible! Have you ever visited the sunshine state before? Where are your favourites places?

All the photos shown above are part of the adventures I’ve already had in the wonderful state of California  Fingers crossed I will be adding more photos to them soon!

*post part of the California Dream Big campaign/my obsession with this gorgeous State!

  • Even thought, I’m not a big fan of going to the USA, I’ve been recently seeing so many cool photos and stories that I’m starting to reconsider!

  • Cat

    I’ve not had the chance to travel much of the USA yet, but can’t wait to hit California!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  • Nora Gouma

    Lovely pix and it’s nice that you enjoyed a lot…:)

  • Looks like a lovely destination for a holiday. I am planning to visit the US sometime next year. It’ll be easier for me then as we’re relocating to Canada in few months time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kirsty

    loved this post! we visited LA as part of our honeymoon and loved it, it’s my favourite US state by far, ive only been to a few mind you but this one took me be surprise I didn’t have much expectations but it blew me away!

    kirsty –