The Sunday Share #17

rain coat

With the warmer weather comes festival season and with festival season you are presented with continuing drama of what to take with you. I can whole heartily admit that I am not a camper and don’t think I ever will be one, therefore I am a big fan of the one day festivals. Even though I don’t have to plan for a lack of showers, zero electrical outlets or deal with sleeping bag arrangements, you do need to be prepared with what you pack in your handbag. As you can see, this year I’ve been sporting a little mini backpack that I picked up from ASOS. It was only £15.99 and it fits all these day festival essentials without making you feel like you are carrying the world on your back. You can also tie up the draw string close to keep everything safe.

No matter what the weather forecast may be, the first thing that goes inside the my bag is a rain coat. Better to be safe then sorry! I may have fallen slightly in love with this Hawaiian Print Parka as not only do I adore the print and pattern, it is super lightweight. It comes with a hood and has toggles so you can nip the jacket in at the waist to prevent the bin bag look. Apart from the general essentials; keys, sunglasses, tissues, umbrella if you have room, I also like to take a small money pouch. Inside here I keep a couple of cards and my cash for the day. I also make sure I take a mini sunscreen and some wet wipes, it may be a day festival but doesn’t mean you can avoid the inevitable portaloo issue!

I then take a small makeup pouch with a few minis to keep me going throughout the day. Lip balm, rollerball perfume, blister plaster, mini hair brush and cream blusher all makes the cut. I also have a mini mascara and tinted moisturiser if I need to reapply after a rainstorm and a anti bacterial hand gel. With whatever room I have left I then pop in my lip choices for the day and zip it all up ready to go. These essentials got me through Wireless on Friday and the same set of minis are coming with me today to British Summertime. Backstreet Boys, get ready because you are about to witness a dance storm coming from me and my friends! Bring on the classic tunes!