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marc jacobs
marc jacobs

Most people when they go to the States indulge in large outlet malls and return with a brand new suitcase filled to the brim with new clothes. Not me. Last year in the Sates I bought one t-shirt, that was $14, from Zara. This year I managed to be the only British person who could get cold in the sweltering heat of Vegas and had to buy themselves a jumper. The rest of my savings are reserved solely for beauty purchases but on this trip, I needed to replace a special item. Sadly my much loved Michael Kors watch bit the dust. After being slammed into an automatic door, don’t ask, the battery finally gave in and I didn’t want to spend money fixing something that was broken and had a tarnished strap. Instead I did what any good human would do and bought myself a new watch!

Wanting to move away from the Michael Kors brand I dipped my toe into the Marc Jacobs pool. Oh wow is the water good. Friends, let me introduce you to the Baker 36.5MM in Rose Gold. She is simply divine. After snooping around Nordstroms (where they old had the gold version but it looked too hard on my skin tone) and spying my dream in Sasks, I made the sneaky decision of having a quick gander in Macys before I spent all my pennies. You see, Macys likes to reward the international traveller and shares with you a very handsome 10% off purchases. So purchase I did. After the exchange rate this watch was pretty much half price, and considering how beautiful she is, I am so glad I took the dive in.

Have you tried a Marc Jacobs watch before? What do you think of their designs?