This Week I’ve Been… #16


Oh what a week – I’ve hit a whole new level of tired and just want to spend this weekend curled up in bed away from the world. A week full of late nights and high pressured days has resulted in zombie body takeover. To make up for all the bank holidays missed so far this year I’ve got a long weekend booked in the diary next week and the countdown is well and truly on. To keep my mind off work I have been distracting myself with online orders, booking exciting plans in the diary for the rest of the year and making a few changes that are both nerve-racking and exciting. With July just around the corner, six months and it will be Christmas, madness!

This Week I’ve Been…

Finally paying attention to my overdue and over showing roots – and tried out a new local salon to get my hair done. A bundle of highlights later and I feel like a whole new person (just don’t fall asleep when they wash your hair!)

My new obsession Crussh – being one of those people that used to hate smoothies, the fact that I now like them is a revelation. Just round the corner from my office is a Crussh bar so most mornings now involve pit stop there for me to try out another offering from their super smoothie menu

Loosing my cat in amongst my parcels – you know your online ordering has reach a whole new level when you loose your cat in the parcels, good job I didn’t package her up and send her back by accident ;)

Seeing this email in my inbox – I refuse to acknowledge how many of these emails appeared this week but all I can say is that ASOS Premier is the best thing since sliced bread

When a broken oven get’s fixed bake cookies! With the rain pouring outside and a need for chocolate and comfort food increasing, I headed to the cupboard and pulled out everything needed to make a batch of delicious cookies

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