The Sunday Share #15


With the bundle of beauty blogs gracing our internet pages increasing at a vastly rate, I thought I would spend today sharing the love on some of my new favs. The blogging world has become such a saturated place and I think it’s important for everyone to club together, hold hands and remember that we are part of a community. It’s near on impossible to blog on an isolated level and it’s the fact that there are so many wonderful people behind these blogs that makes this place so blooming marvellous. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you head over to this handful of delightful blogs, bask in their beauty knowledge and gorgeous photography and share with your friends and readers who your favs are so the community can keep going strong.

RosyChicc by Andrea – if you are looking for a blog that will have you itching to grab your camera and take all the photos in the world, this one will do it for you. Andrea inspires me to be more daring with my photograph and to spend longer thinking about what I am actually snapping before I hit down on that shutter button. Her blog is so beautiful and some times I just scroll through all her posts to reignite my blogging passion.

Blog: | Twitter: @RosyChicc

From Roses by Rebecca – from the photograph to the content of each individual blog post, Rebecca’s blog leaves me itching for the next post. Her effortless style of writing is a dream to read and she knows how to put a good beauty edit together. Also go checkout her post Rotate Rotate Rotate for some serious product envy!

Blog: | Twitter: @fromrosesxo

JennyPurr by Jen – what I love about Jen’s blog is that she has the perfect mixture of beauty, lifestyle and cooking posts that means there is bundles of content for everyone. Her white chocolate chip brownie post still has me salivating at the mouth and I adore her product pick selection. Jen has a skill at talking about those issues that play on your mind and I love her honesty.

Blog: | Twitter: @jennypurrblog

A Little Opulent – this is an online magazine that funnily has been set up by Rebecca and Jen. If you are a fan of their blogs then you are going to adore this collaboration. With content spanning from art and design, interviews, cooking and home living I find myself devouring each post that is published. The style of the site is simple and elegant and I am a massive fan of the gorgeous illustrations you will see popping up now and again.

Blog: | Twitter: @alittleopulent

Are you a fan of any of these lovely bloggers? Who are your favs at the moment?